Best Plants For Betta Fish – Review & Guide

Aquarium plants are an essential addition to a betta fish aquarium. They give the betta fish a place to hide and explore, which makes the fish feel safe and happy.

Living plants are a part of the aquarium ecosystem, filtering and oxygenating water, though the filter does most of this. Fake or real plants make the aquarium look attractive to you and your curious fish.

With this guide, you will learn which plants fit you and your fish. You will decide between live or fake plants, plastic or silk, and smooth and stiff or pliable and soft. read more

Best Aquarium Grass – Review & Guide

Seeing a beautiful aquarium in your home after work is a great way to shake off the day and relax. Watching your fish swim and play in an emerald green grass carpet is a joy. It is a significant and healthy way to calm blood pressure, heart rate, and improve well-being.

Aquarium grass comes in many varieties and sizes. It is easy to grow and maintain, even for beginners. Some varieties come as seeds. After sprouting, they take up life in an aquarium where they can live and flourish for many years. read more

31+ Top Low Light Aquarium Plants

If you’re interested in keeping plants in your aquarium, you need to research what plants will grow in your tank. Different plants require different lighting levels.

There are many low light plants available to purchase. You should select your plants based on the type of water in your tank, the temperature of your water, and the fish you plan to house in the tank.

These plants don’t require very much light to grow properly. Still, that doesn’t mean some of them don’t require a lot of care to stay healthy. read more

Dwarf Hairgrass – A Complete Guide

Incorporating aquatic plants in your fish tank can be a great way to add some color and vibrancy. There are also many beneficial functions they can serve in the tank.

The Dwarf Hairgrass is one of the most popular aquarium plants that many aquarium hobbyists use in their fish tank. They oxygenate the waters and provide shelter for bottom-dwelling fish. Also, they require minimal maintenance which makes them great for beginners.

The visual appeal that this plant gives to the tank is one of the most prominent reasons why this plant is so popular. read more

Amazon Sword – A Complete Guide (Care, Facts, Propagation)

If you are on the hunt for a great aquatic plant for your aquarium, look no further. The Amazon Sword plant is a great option for both beginners and experienced fish owners.

The Amazon Sword plant is easy to care for, resilient, and versatile among different types of fish tanks. Not to mention, its rich, forest-like green color is absolutely stunning.

If you want to learn more about the benefits and qualities of having this plant in your aquarium, keep reading to find our full guide below.

About the Amazon Sword Plant

The Amazon Sword plant is a rossette plant that is widely popular among aquarium connoisseurs. The scientific name of the plant is Echinodorus grisebachii or Echinodorus amazonicus – people usually call it one or the other, but they are the same plant. It comes from the Plantae kingdom. read more

21 Best Aquarium Plants – A Complete Guide (Types, Tank, More…)

Some people believe that the prospect of tending after live aquarium plants in the fish tank is far too much of a hassle, but it’s simply not true. With a few key pointers, anyone can become a master aqua botanist in time. Plus, It offers countless benefits to the water column and the fish inhabiting the tank as well.

Although fake plants may seem like the more convenient option in the short run, you may be missing out on a plethora of helpful benefits in the long run. Not to mention the fact that fake plants will never look as good or convincing as real plants. read more

Water Wisteria – A Complete Guide

Adding plants to your aquarium is beneficial in multiple ways. First of all, plants add a natural beauty that bits of plastic just can’t. Most fish live in and around plants in the wild. Keeping plants for you fish will help them to feel more at home.

When you wish to keep the world inside your aquarium thriving, you’ll want to pay careful attention to the plants you choose. The right plants will do a lot of the work of cleaning and keeping its inhabitants healthy. An appropriate selection of plants keeps the water in your tank clean and full of healthy oxygen. Your fish and other creatures can shelter in the leaves. The right plants provide nutrients to fish and soils. read more

Water Sprite – A Complete Guide

Water sprite is a plant common in a lot of aquariums. It is best in freshwater, and is easily available for purchase in local stores or at online retailers. You might find it sometimes sold under a different name like Water Fern or Indian Water Fern.

Water sprite can either be planted or it can float. We’ll take a look at which is the best option for you in your aquarium. You’ll want to ensure your tank conditions are optimal for the growth and health of your plant. Light, heat, and even what types of fish are in your tank will all affect the growth and reproduction of water sprite. read more

Anacharis – A Complete Guide (Care, Diet, Facts)

Anacharis, the perfect plant for every Pond or Aquarium! Many fish species call for some sort of plant life to be inside the tank. Some fish need plant life for food purposes. It provides hiding places for fish who need them. It provides aeration to the tank. And it adds a visual appeal to the spectators.

The Anacharis is often going to be an easy and sufficient choice above other forms of plant life. This plant is a great choice for many reasons, but it’s often bought because it’s hardy. Along with being low maintenance and easy to care for. read more

Java Moss – A Complete Guide – Care & Facts

Java moss is one of the easiest plants that you can grow as it is almost impossible to harm.

It is a versatile, hardy and beautiful addition to your aquarium, and it also improves your tanks health.

Java moss is an inexpensive plant that you can use throughout your aquarium in decorative and artistic ways.

You don’t have to have a green thumb to grow this plant, its durability has made it a favorite among freshwater aquarists from beginners to experts.


Java moss is native to Southeast Asia, including Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore, Java and Indonesia. read more