Best Filter For Betta – Review & Guide

Betta fish tanks are designed to hold aquatic lifeforms. As a result, they require filters to keep the water clean and safe. Otherwise, the water will become a hazard to the health of the Betta fish.

It’s essential to pick a filter that will perform as many duties as possible. The least amount of work you’ll have to put in, the more effective the filter will be for your Betta fish.

These filters will ensure that your tank water stays clean. It’ll also eliminate unnecessary materials in the water, such as excess food and fish waste. This will ultimately help your fish breathe and live easily. read more

Staurogyne Repens – A Complete Guide

The name “Staurogyne Repens” might sound strange at first. It’s probably not even obvious that it’s the name of an organism. But, Staurogyne repens is basically a nifty little plant you can grow in your aquarium.

Staurogyne Repens is hugely popular among both beginners and experts. It’s simple to take care of and beautiful to look at it. It’s also an excellent way to keep your tank clean and oxygenated. Staurogyne repens oxygenate your tank water and keep it clean, and get rid of harmful nitrates and compounds In your water. read more

Freshwater Shrimps – A Complete Guide (Care, Diet, Facts)

If you’re a new aquarist, shrimp probably aren’t the first thing to come to mind. It’s more likely you’re thinking of neat, colorful fish for your new tank.

It’s true that fish are the most common creatures in aquariums. But freshwater shrimp are becoming more popular with both beginners and experts.

Shrimp can be satisfying and incredibly useful additions to your tank. Certain species of freshwater are particularly popular and simple to take care of. Once you have some general knowledge of shrimp-keeping, you’ll easily be able to pick the shrimp species that’s best for you. read more

Chinese Algae Eaters – A Complete Guide (Care, Diet, Facts)

Chinese Algae Eater (Gyrinocheilus aymonieri) is a pale brown color freshwater fish. They are also sometimes called as Honey Suckers and Sucking Loache. Contrary to what their name would have you believe, they are not a common species in China but are found in freshwater bodies of Vietnam, Laos and Thailand.

Chinese Algae Eater, esp. the young ones, are among the best at cleaning up algae in aquariums. These fish have huge appetites and are easy to take care of, even for beginners. They can be added to a relatively new aquarium too. read more

How To Treat Dropsy In Betta Fish

Betta fish are beautiful aquatic pets, but they require a great deal of maintenance.  They can live in harmony without many difficulties when treated for properly.  Unfortunately, sometimes undesired problems may occur unexpectedly.  One of the most common afflictions in betta fish is a health condition known as dropsy. This can leave the owner in fear for the health of their betta fish.

Betta fish affected with dropsy can be cured.  Dropsy is a common infection that can come about from dirty aquariums or extreme stress.  The good news is that dropsy can be cured!  Providing proper treatment for dropsy starts with a clean and stress-free aquarium.  And with simple products found at your local pet store, dropsy doesn’t stand a chance.  In this article we’ll cover the basics of the disease and how to treat it step-by-step. read more

Why My Fish Tank Smells? [With EASY Treatment Options]

While visiting a friend recently, I admired the array of fish in her aquarium. I noticed it smelled a little funky, though. I asked how often she has to clean it, and she admitted, “I try to clean it regularly, but there’s been this awful smell lately and I don’t know why.” To help my friend and anyone else with this problem, I looked into it and found possible causes, steps to determine the source, and solutions for getting–and keeping–the smell out.

Dead fish, uneaten food, and overcrowding are the most common causes of a smelly aquarium. It could also be a dead plant, a dirty filter, or an incorrect substance. These substances include the type of substrate, water conditioner, or other added chemicals. read more

Best Cichlid Food – Review & Guide

Providing your cichlids with the best possible nutrition is essential for their guaranteed longevity, vibrancy, and active, healthy lives. However, each species of cichlid requires its own nuances in diet.

In their natural environments, cichlids are often opportunistic feeders. This means that even though each species has its own requirements in diet, each species also has a varied diet with a variety of nutritional needs.

Cichlids can be carnivores, herbivores, or omnivores, and knowing which you have is the first step in knowing what kind of feed you should provide them. read more

Fiddler Crabs – A Complete Guide (Care, Diet, Facts)

Some people are content with having a hermit crab, some people enjoy aquariums with fish, and sometimes, you need to branch out and consider adding the versatile, attractive, amusing and clever fiddler crab to an appropriate aquarium or even start having a fiddler crab tank as your pets.

If you are ready to take your aquarium set up to the next level, fiddler crabs are one of the most affordable additions available and easy to care for. If you are creating a diverse paludarium with live plants and fish, a fiddler crab can have an important role in the ecosystem. read more

How to Add Oxygen to a Fish Tank?

Oxygen is essential for fish survival. When oxygen supply is not enough, the fish can have low appetite, swim less vigorously and have labored breathing shown by the rapid movement of gills If you see your fish going to the surface and gasping repeatedly with its mouth open wide, it is a sign that oxygen supply is insufficient.

Besides fish needing oxygen supply, other living things in the aquarium also need it. Beneficial bacteria need oxygen to break down waste. The plants that grow there also need oxygen. Basically, everything that lives and eventually decays or dies off in your aquarium requires oxygen, and therefore depletes it in the process of consumption. read more

What Do You Need For A Fish Tank? (Complete) Checklist

If you’ve ever thought about keeping fish, then you’ve probably asked yourself: what does it take to put an aquarium together? You might have wondered where to start or how to go about choosing the right equipment. Maybe you’ve even thought about the maintenance and how to keep it in good condition. If you’ve ever thought about any of this, then you’ve come to the right place. We did some research and came up with a list of everything you need to get your fish tank going and keep it running. read more