Celestial Pearl Danios

The Celestial Pearl Danios is a beautiful tiny fish, about an inch long. They originate in clear shallow spring fed ponds around mountainous towns of Southern Asia. These bodies of water are sun-filled and full of plant life.These fish recently became popular for aquariums, but that was halted because of beliefs that they were going extinct. Then it became possible to successfully breed them in the aquarium environment.

They are once again a popular hobby fish. The Celestial Pearl Danios is still considered to be a relatively new discovery. There are no strict water or temperature requirements for these fish. This makes them easy for beginner aquarists. They are from regions where the temperatures ranges from freezing to scorching hot. If you keep the room temperature at 70*, there should be no problem keeping these fish. Keep the water clean with a low- level filter. read more

Mystery Snail – A Complete Guide (Care, Diet, Facts)

Mystery snails are beautiful. A special animal to add to your aquarium. They display different, vibrant colors within your very own habitat creation. It’s always a nice touch to any living space that adds a certain quality that most will enjoy looking at.

The Mystery Snail is also known as a type of Apple Snail. The largest breed of Apple Snail to be exact! They exist in a handful of attractive colors. This little creature will not only assist with your aquarium cleaning, but it will add more beauty to the tank. read more

Cherry Shrimp – A Complete Guide (Care, Diet, Facts)

At times aquarium owners find themselves branching out beyond fish for new pets. But what about shrimp? Shrimp may not seem like a common choice for a pet, but they actually make a great addition to any aquarium! Especially the bright red Cherry Shrimp.

Coming from Taiwan, the Cherry Shrimp is an invertebrate that is nice to look at. They can add some nice color to your aquarium. Their vibrant, red color looks great among the aquatic plant life in your aquarium. There are also some great tank mates to include with your Cherry Shrimp. These animals are perfect if you like to have a variety of docile aquatic pets. read more

Red Tail Shark – A Complete Guide (Care, Diet, Facts)

The red tail shark is one of the most popular freshwater aquarium fish on the market.  You can find them almost anywhere.  These fish are eye-catching in the tank adding visual flair to any aquarium.

Having such a stand out specimen in your home aquarium is attractive to many tank owners.  The dark black body and bright red tail of the red tail shark make it a focal point for many home aquariums.  The addition of a red tail shark to your tank is sure to get lots of attention and comments.

These attractive fish are also easy to keep if you understand their habits and nature.  The red tail shark, complete care guide, will help you keep a red tail shark happy and healthy in your aquarium. read more

Moray Eel – A Complete Guide (Care, Diet, Facts)

You have decided to take the leap and add a moray eel to your saltwater aquarium.  It’s a bold step and one that will add a whole new dimension to your saltwater aquarium.  Moray Eels are vibrant exotic creatures that will bring you many years of enjoyment

If a moray eel is in your future, you need a complete care guide to moray eels.

Understanding your moray eel and its needs is the key to successfully keeping a moray eel in your tank.  This complete care guide for moray eels will provide you with the necessary understanding and knowledge. read more

Mandarin Fish – A Complete Guide (Care, Diet, Facts)

The great thing about saltwater aquariums is that the choices of aquatic life are both brighter and more mesmerizing. Their vibrant colors draw aquarium hobbyists in making them extremely popular.

This remains true for the Mandarin fish, a small, brightly colored fish commonly kept in at-home saltwater aquariums. These fish do need special care in terms of their diet, but if taken care of properly, it should not be a big deal.

If you are intrigued by this unique fish, keep reading to find our complete guide down below. read more

Oranda Goldfish – A Complete Guide (Care, Diet, Facts)

The Oranda Goldfish is one of the most fascinating and beautiful fish in the aquarium community. Both aquarium hobbyists and beginning fish tank owners adore this fish.

Their peaceful energy and beautiful appearance make them a great addition to many freshwater tanks which is why a lot of hobbyists opt for keeping this fish.

If the Oranda Goldfish is sparking your interest, keep reading to find our complete guide down below.

About the Oranda Goldfish

The Oranda Goldfish is one of the many breeds of goldfish that are currently discovered. Their scientific name is Carassius gibelio forma auratus. They belong to the Cyprinidae family. This fish was first discovered in China, but it was mistakenly thought to be from the Netherlands. Their lifespan can be as long as 15 years if taken care of properly. read more

White Cloud Mountain Minnow – A Complete Guide (Care, Diet, Facts)

As an aquarist, one of the best ways to add more colors to your tank is with tropical fishes. This is because most of them have fascinating colors. Hence, White cloud mountain minnow is a great choice for you to try out.

Aside from the beautiful colors, White cloud mountain minnows have special attributes and characteristics that mean that you are going to have a great time caring for them. Fish specialists will tell you that this is a great choice because of how easy they are to rear even from the fry stage. read more

Rummy Nose Tetra – A Complete Guide (Care, Diet, Facts)

Rummy nose tetra is loved by almost every aquarist because of its fantastic features. It is an outstanding fish in every aquarium and as a fish lover, you will definitely have a soft spot for this fish.

However, like every other fish species out there, rummy nose tetra has special attributes and some aquarium conditions that must be met. This is to ensure that at all times, they are in their optimum state.

The Types of Rummy Nose Tetra

The general scientific name for Rummy nose tetra is Hemigrammus Rhodostomus. However, it has 2 other subspecies. The first one is known as Brilliant Rummy Nose with the scientific name Hemigrammus Bleheri, while the second one is the False Rummy Nose with the scientific name Petitella Georgiae. read more

Green Terror Cichlid – A Complete Guide (Care, Diet, Facts)

Some of the best fishes to have in your aquarium today are the Green terror cichlids. Apart from their colors that give your aquarium more aesthetics. Green terror cichlids also have very interesting attributes that make them fun to keep.

If you ask seasoned aquarists, they will tell you that Green terror cichlids are special types of fishes. Hence, you need to learn a lot about them before adding them to your aquarium.

Overview of the Green Terror Cichlid Species

Most people think green terror cichlids are only just one kind of fish and are the same everywhere in the world. This is not true. read more