Best Betta Water Conditioner – Reviews & Guide

A lot of betta fish aren’t taken care of properly because owners aren’t aware of the different products that keep them healthy and alive. Water conditioner is one of those products.

Water conditioner is going to remove the harmful bacteria from the tap water or any water you put into the tank. This is going to maintain a healthy environment for your betta fish and keep it alive for much longer.

With so many water conditioners available to choose from, it can sometimes be difficult to choose the right one for you. Therefore, I have compiled a top ten list of the best water conditioners for betta fish on the market today. read more

Best UV Sterilizer For Aquariums – Review & Guide

If you are an aquatic pet owner, you already know the importance of keeping the water clean and clear. If bad bacteria infect the waters, it affects both the quality of the tank and the health of the fish.

In order to maintain the water’s freshness and cleanliness, it is crucial to invest in a good quality UV sterilizer. Most filters that come with aquariums or that you buy separately are efficient at cleaning the water in the tank, but they can sometimes miss the bad bacteria which the UV sterilizer can pull out. read more

Bala Shark – A Complete Guide – Care, Diet, Facts

Filling a freshwater tank with fish can be difficult. Understanding every fish needs from water type’s to food. When making a final decision on the types of fish there are many factors that play role into each aquariums fish breed.

You want a peaceful aquarium; you aren’t looking to buy fish just to have them be tortured and eaten by tank mates.You want visual appealing. You aren’t looking to have a tank have one color fish, with black decorations. That would be boring and bring you down.

A tank should make even the saddest person happy, if done right; hints why they put them in hospitals and dentists’ offices. read more

Otocinclus – A Complete Guide – Care, Diet, Facts

When thinking of an aquarium there are a few different things that can come to mind.

You may be the person with that glass half empty personality; and that’s okay. If you’re the type of person that always thinks about the time involved and the con’s to be an aquarium owner.

Do you think about the amount of time it takes to maintain the tank?

With the right fish in your aquarium your tank will be low maintenance and your fish can even clean your tank for you.

The Otocinclus fish not only add visual appeal to the tank, but they play a role as janitors in the tank. read more

Neon Tetras– A Complete Guide – Care, Diet, Facts

The neon tetra is a fish popular among aquarists.

It’s vital that you understand what it takes to be a good neon tetra owner. While they make a great addition to many aquariums, there are many things to consider. By understanding what neon tetras require, you are on your way to adding these beautiful animals into your home.

Before buying your new fish, you should know how to take care of them. To be a good neon tetra owner, you should know how to provide them with the proper habitat, food, tankmates, and more. read more

Best Substrates for Betta – Review and Guide

The betta is known as the Siamese fighting fish and they live up to that name as they can be very aggressive which means you have to pair them carefully with other other fish in the same tank. This doesn’t stop people wanting them because of their colorful magnificent fins.

Substrate is anything used on the floor of the tank. There are different substrate products for different fish. Bettas’ natural habitat has lots of plants so you should use a gravel or sand substrate to anchor the plants. Gravel helps plant roots grow better than other substrates due to how it will not compact as tight as sand or other substrates. read more

African Dwarf Frog: The Complete Guide For Care, Diet and Tank Mates

African Dwarf Frogs are a great addition to a community aquarium. They are unique, adorable, and peaceful. These frogs will get along great with the other animals in your fish tank.

An Overview of African Dwarf Frogs

African Dwarf Frogs are nocturnal, and you will usually find them active during the night.

There are four species of African Dwarf Frogs. They don’t look very different; the four different species of African Dwarf Frogs simply come from four different native locations spread throughout Africa.

  • The Hymenochirus boettgeri can be found in Gabon, Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, and the Central African Republic. It is the most common African Dwarf Frog and has the largest native environment of the four species of dwarf frogs.
  • The Hymenochirus boulengari is found in the northeast part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
  • The Hymenochirus curtipes is also only found in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
  • The Hymenochirus feae is only found in Gabon.

African Dwarf Frogs are incredibly small (and also incredibly adorable). They don’t get larger than 3 inches long and only weigh a few ounces. read more

Taking care of your Freshwater Puffer fish

Puffer fish are cute scaleless fish that come in both freshwater and marine varieties. Puffer fish are most known for their ability to rapidly inflate two more than twice their size!

Puffer fish come in a big variety of colors and sizes. They have unique personalities and can be a lot of fun to watch.

Another notable quality of Puffer fish is their toxin. Puffer fish toxin, known as tetrodotoxin, is not actually produced by Puffer fish themselves. Puffer fish toxin is produced by bacteria that live inside them. On the small chance that your pet puffer fish has the venom in it, you don’t need to worry about it – unless you eat your puffer fish! read more

Java Fern: The Complete Guide for Care, Planting and Propagation

The Microsorum pteropus, more commonly known as the Java Fern, is a great plant for many types of aquariums.

Java ferns can beautify any fish tank you plant them in, and add greenery and variety. They are also popular because of how easy they are to care for and how slow they’ll grow.

They’re perfect plants for first-time plant- or fish-owners and thrive in a wide variety of conditions. In our post, we’ll discuss everything you need to know before purchasing a Java Fern for your aquarium, including its background, how to plant it, and some great tank mates. read more

Betta Tank Mates – The Ultimate Companions for Your Betta Fish

It’s hard to walk into a fish store without seeing beautiful Betta fish showing off their bright colors. Betta fish are beautiful and not too hard to care for.

However, they have a bit of a negative reputation. Betta fish, particularly male Betta fish, are extremely territorial and aggressive. In fact, Betta fish have been bred over time to bring out their fighting behavior. This has garnered them the nickname “fighting fish.” Sometimes Bettas are even referred to as “Siamese Fighting Fish.” read more