Best Fish Foods – Review & Guide

When setting up a new aquarium or picking out fish for the first time, many people fail to do the proper research when it comes to fish food. The type of food that you feed your fish can be one of the most important factors in keeping your fish alive and healthy.

Fish are similar to every other kind of pet. They require a nutritious and well balanced diet. You want to make sure whatever food you are feeding your fish has the proper amount of proteins, fiber, and nutrients. Many foods are cheaply made and include fillers and preservatives. Be attentive when it comes to reading ingredient labels. read more

Breeding Betta Fish – A Complete Guide

Breeding betta will certainly add an extra level of excitement to your fishkeeping hobby. Betta have become one of the most popular tropical fish for personal aquariums.  Male Bettas are not community fish and should be housed alone. The female betta is fine in a group of fish. The male Betta have bright and vivid colors with flowy fins and tails. The female is not as bright colored as the male.

Raising these beautiful little fish will bring much joy.The Betta originated from Thailand, where they made their homes in rice paddies, small ponds and warm streams. They used to be called Siamese Fighting Fish. Children in Malaysia used to collect these fish in droves, then host fights to see which fish would be the village champion. Betta also used to look different. They were not filled with vibrant color like they are now. Recently breeders noticed that the fish presented vivid colors when angry and stressed. They worked this to their advantage and bred them have permanent colors. read more

What Do Goldfish Eat? A Complete Guide

If you intend to start keeping goldfishes, then you have to make a detailed plan on how to feed them. Goldfish’s diet isn’t like every other species of fish. They have a wide range of diet and can eat almost all types of food.

There are a lot of feeding aspects you have to master when it comes to goldfishes. This is because healthy feeding is virtually the most important factor for their upkeep and optimum performance.

There are 2 major subspecies of Goldfish namely, Comet and Fancies. However, there are no significant differences in their dieting. read more

1001+ Betta Fish Names – The Ultimate List

There may be no group of aquarium fish as beautiful and diverse as the betta fish, also known as the Siamese fighting fish. This unique foreign fish was originally bred for sport fighting but can now be found leading safe and peaceful lives in tanks all over the world.

Due to their gorgeous array of colors and distinctive, flowing fins the betta fish is a fascinating addition to any fish tank or aquarium. This makes them ideal as part of a display tank or decorative piece.

Betta fish, like all pet fish, can be more than just fancy home décor and can even become beloved family pets. The best way to do this is by giving your betta fish names. read more

51 Funny Fish Names – Get Ready To Chuckle

Fish can be a great addition to any home as a decoration given how colorful and unique they are. A fish tank with the right combination of species and tank décor can make a wonderful addition to any room.

Fish can be more than just a conversation piece, however, and if you want your fish to become beloved pets then a good first step is naming them. There are many different ways to name your fish based on what they are and what you want their names to mean.

Names can be cool, unique or based on the appearance or species of your fish. Others are funny names based on puns, in-jokes or pop culture references, which is what this list is made of. read more

Can A Fish Drown (& How Can You Prevent It)

Looking at a fish it might seem safe to assume that they cannot be drowned. Fish sit every day of their lives in water without any problems, while humans can only survive a few short minutes at most underwater. In fact, a fish will suffocate if taken out of the water.

This ability to survive underwater when humans cannot has created many jokes and proverbs about how drowning a fish is impossible. This may not be true, however, since drowning is simply suffocating due to being under a liquid. If a fish cannot get what it needs from water for some reason, there is a chance it could drown. Based on our research fish may not be as immune to drowning as the old jokes and stories claim. read more

How Do Fish Mate: The Ultimate Guide For Fish Breeding

How Do Fish Breed?

Different fish have different ways of mating and producing offspring. While most species require male and females to produce offspring, some can produce babies without the need of a mate at all.

Breeding your fish in your aquarium can be the most rewarding accomplishment in the hobby. You will see a pair of fish, you selected, produce offspring that you can then raise to maturity.

It is extremely important, if you are thinking of breeding your fish, that you research their specific breeding practices. Different fish breed in different ways and you want to ensure that you are prepared. read more

How Do Fish Sleep? A Complete Resource

There is ongoing research being done on how fish sleep, so there is still a lot we don’t know. While fish don’t sleep in the way that we humans do, most fish do have periods of rest.

Different fish sleep or rest in different ways – some cozy up at the bottom of the water, others hover close to the bottom, and some sleep so deeply that they can be lifted out of the water without even waking up. Some even keep swimming while they are resting.

While most fish do need to get sleep at night, their sleep mostly resembles a sort of daydream or trance state. read more