Best Pond Sludge Remover – Review & Guide

If you have a pond then pond scum is going to happen. This can happen for a variety of reasons. Even warm weather can help pond sludge develop. It starts at the bottom of your pond. When it has time to grow and develop it oxygenizes, and floats to the top.

This top floating layer of pond sludge is definitely not what you want when you have a beautiful pond. It turns something aesthetically pleasing into a terrible eye sore.

There are several things that contribute to pond sludge. Overfeeding, warm weather, animal waste, and debris all contribute to pond sludge. Fortunately, there are some great products available to help you keep your pond looking great. Read on to find out ways to remove sludge from your beautiful pond. read more

Best Pond Liner – Review & Guide

Pond liners are an essential part of a pond environment. They keep water from leaking. Without them, you may have to refill your pond daily.

While clay-rich soil may prevent leaking, it will not be as effective as pond liner. You should not install pond liner in a filled pond, so it is best to start with a good liner.

When you get a pond liner, you will need to decide if you want a preformed one or a flexible one. Flexible ones are harder to install, but can be made in odd shapes.

You will need a durable pond liner that resists punctures. If you live in a cold area, you will want something cold-resistant, as well. Cold and sunlight can crack some liners. read more

Best Pond Filter- Review & Guide

If you’re the proud owner of a pond, you know the importance of a good filter. If you’re thinking about building a pond, it’s important to learn what kind of filter will help keep your pond healthy.

Choosing the right pond filter can seem overwhelming at first. With so many filters available, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. It doesn’t have to be.

When buying a pond filter, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the different options. You need to take into account the size of your pond and the capacity of the filter. You will also want to take a look at the different kinds of filtration that are used in certain products. read more

Best Koi Pond Filters – Review and Guide

If you’re like me and not familiar with Koi Ponds but want one, don’t worry. With a little help, you’ll be admiring your Koi pond in no time. Koi fish are big and beautiful with flashy colors of orange, yellow, red, black, and white as well as a mixture of colors.

If you’re wondering what kind of filter a bio-active one is, the “bio” stands for biological and “active” is for activators. It has a UV bulb that kills the biological bacteria, algae, and any other microbes that are not good for the fish, but the good bacteria are left alone. read more

Best Pond Vacuum – Reviews & Guide

Outdoor ponds can get very messy since they are outside. It has so many opportunities to be cluttered of debris and harmful particles. Therefore, a pond vacuum is absolutely necessary for maintaining and clean and healthy outdoor pond.

However, with so many different pond vacuums out there, it can seem overwhelming to choose a specific one for your needs. Therefore, I have compiled a top-ten list of the best pond vacuums on the market today.

Pond Vacuum Reviews

OASE Pondovac 4 Vacuum for Ponds

This vacuum has a very powerful 1800W motor. This will give you the most optimal suction to get all of the dirt, particles, and harmful bacteria out of your pond. It is equipped with a two-chamber system which allows for continuous suction for the best cleaning of your pond. read more