Best Ro Di System For Reef Tank – Review & Guide

RO/DO Systems aren’t as complicated as the name implies for it to be. They are useful tools that make sure that the water in your reef tank is clean and pure. It does most of the work of keeping your tank clean at an affordable and reasonable price, so why not buy it?

This product performs a process known as reverse osmosis (RO), which partially cleans the water to make it pure. Then, deionization (DI) occurs and molecules are added to finish the process of making it clean.

When choosing an RO/DO system, make sure that it can go through multiple stages. These stages are the extra steps that need to be taken to keep the water in the tank clean. Also, systems with many stages of filtration are also effective.

Ro Di System For Reef Tank Reviews

Aquatic Life RO Buddie Reverse Osmosis Systems

This product provides the benefits of filtrating an ample amount of water in a small package. With it’s three and four-stage options, it promises to clean aquatic and drinking water with ease and with effective timing.

This system contains an RO Buddie TFC Membrane Housing & Membrane part, which is responsible for working with pre-filter cartridges to eliminate harmful sediments in the water. Through this, the product is able to help the water become more economically filtered and ready for aquatic use.

There’s also a DI cartridge that changes color to help identify clean and dirty water more swiftly. While working together with the TFC membrane, it cuts down on time needed to identify the correctly filtered water needed for reef tanks.

The system has an additional add-on to help easily convert the RO/DO unit into an effective drinking water system. With this add-on, drinking water will become easier to produce and fill the container.


  • The sediment and Carbon cartridges are easy to replace.
  • The RO and RO/DO units are small, making it easy to store anywhere.
  • The housing for the system is clear, which makes it easy to know when it’s time for a replacement.
  • The cartridges are able to attach and detach easily.


  • Sometimes, the water can take too long to fully become clean and filtered.
  • Sometimes, the DI system can clog relatively quickly.

AquaFX Barracuda RO/DO Aquarium Filter

This product is one of the leading RO/DO systems for reef enthusiasts. Its model is designed to thoroughly clean reef water to make sure that it’s pure for aquatic life. It’s also designed to produce an ample amount of water in a short amount of time.

This system comes with a high flow, high rejection TFC membrane, which cuts down on production costs and time for clean water. It also contributes to lowering the energy needed to produce water.

Also, the system comes equipped with a 2-micron chlorine guzzler carbon block filter. It helps add extended life to the system to produce water at a longer rate of time.

With the high-efficiency color-changing DI cartridge in the system, generating ions to create water molecules more efficiently. The distinct color change indicates the cleanliness of the water being generated.


  • The system is easy to set up and maintain.
  • This system can produce plenty of 0 TDS water for reef tanks.
  • The system doesn’t leak and dispenses water at an acceptable rate.
  • The system includes various useful tools, such as a pressure meter and a TDS meter.


  • The water pressure can be low while using the system.
  • Sometimes, you may have to purchase an additional booster pump to increase pressure for the membrane.

SpectraPure Maxpure 90 GPD RO/DI System

The SpectraPure® Maxpure 90 GPD RO/DI System utilizes various components to produce appropriate levels of water for reef tanks. When all the components come together, they create highly purified water that’s livable for aquatic life.

The system is equipped with a high-rejection thin-film composite Reverse Osmosis membrane. Its primary goal is to make the distillation process simpler by rejecting salts and other harmful minerals in the water.

The system also contains a long-life high-efficiency 1-micron MicroTec™ sediment filter. Its thick exterior allows for it to collect harmful sediments easily while the water passes through the system.

Along with the sediment filter, the system also has a high-capacity 1-micron carbon block pre-filter. The carbon block is wrapped in micron pre-filtration wrap to assist in extending the life of the filter.


  • The pressure gauge helps check the progress of the system.
  • There are a variety of systems to choose from with this system, from 25 to 180 GDP.
  • The system dispenses highly-purified water that is safe to use.


  • This system does not include a flow control valve.
  • Having the water pressure too high on the system could pop the valves, so be careful with that.

RO/DI Reverse Osmosis Aquarium/Reef System

The RO/DI Reverse Osmosis Aquarium/Reef System contains the majority of components in higher priced systems. It promises to produce the same amount of water if not more compared to higher-priced systems in no time.

One feature of this RO/DI system is the stage 100 GPD membrane. With its spiral design and wrapped protective layer, it extends the life of the RO/DI system by two extra years.

Another key feature within the system is the clear DI cartridges. Through making the cartridges clear, it makes it easier to become aware of when it’s time to change the filters.

The system also comes with double sized filters. Through making the filters thicker, they are able to take out more harmful materials that may miss other cycles it has passed through.


  • The system already comes prebuilt, so all you have to do is screw it onto the wall.
  • The quality of the system is excellent for its size.
  • The waste/water ratio is at the normal 1:4.
  • Even without the DI resin, the water remains relatively clean.


  • The valve that comes with the system may need to be adjusted for optimal use.
  • The filters can go out quickly, which may cause you to have to buy more.

IceCap RODI Smart Water Filtration System

The IceCap RODI Smart Water Filtration System 150 GPD system cleans and produces pure water in a more effective fashion. Its 4-stage osmosis system works effectively with the other parts to create the best water for reef tanks.

The system has on/off timers, water on floor detector, and Automatic Membrane Flush. These components work together within the screen on top of the system to avoid water spills and waste time on production.

Also, the system contains a booster pump that keeps production going without interruption. The quiet and efficient booster runs at peak efficiency to reduce waste and increase the purity of the water.

The system controller attached to the system assists the purification process for maximum results. It has safety features that keep the system going and avoids any drastic events from occurring.


  • This product is eco-friendly and is safe for the environment.
  • The system has a fully-automated water management system, so it reduces the work done by the consumer.
  • The system offers unique perks that other systems neglect to have (timers, detectors, etc.)
  • The safety features within the system cause the product to become easier to use.


  • You may have to calibrate the meters of the system when you set it up.
  • You will have to perform measurements with the DI resin since they are packaged separately from the system.

Koolermax AR-122 6-stage RO+DI Aquarium Reef RO system

The Koolermax RO/DI system will purify the water needed within any reef tank. Its 6-stage system enables people to get the best quality water effortlessly.

Embedded within the system is an RO unit, which performs the majority of the work. The system keeps harmful components out of the water by applying pressure to detect and eliminate them.

The system also has a pressure gauge unit, which tracts the pressure being transmitted into the water. It serves as a tracking tool to ensure that the appropriate amount of pressure is added to the water.

Installation hardware is also included within this system. It’s meant to assist in the process of setting up the system correctly and with no issues.


  • The system is easy to connect to various locations, including reef tanks and garden hoses.
  • The system is simple to install.
  • The pressure gauge is built into the system. Making it simpler to operate.
  • The product has not caused any leaks.


  • The resin for the system can be too small.
  • It can become hard to order filters from different locations.

NU Aqua Platinum Series 7 Stage Alkaline

The NU Aqua Platinum Series system is leading in the water filtration industry by incorporating technology into their system. The technology assists in ensuring further that the water for reef tanks is pure.

This system includes HydraCoil™ technology, which helps keep the water 50% cleaner than other products. Through releasing carbon filters during the process, even the smallest molecule gets eradicated from the water.

The system also contains a UV bulb for optimal cleanliness. The light analyzes and eliminates any contaminants leftover before it reaches the faucet and your reef tank.

Included with the system is a premium chrome faucet, which starts your clean water journey. It ensures that your system is working with a clean faucet that will work with the system to detect contaminants within your water.


  • The system delivers on its promise to produce high-quality water.
  • The system undergoes multiple stages to filter the best clean water.
  • The absorption rate is 50% better than other products.
  • This system has free phone and email tech support for a lifetime.


  • The UV water can become too hot and get into the cool water.
  • Some parts of the product may come distorted and cause problems with the setup process.

Aquarium 4-Stage Countertop Reverse Osmosis Revolution RO System

This system prides itself on being the best system for your aquarium water and your pockets. It’s simple to install, lasts a long time, and removes over 800 contaminants that can be contained within tap water.

Within the system, a kitchen faucet diverter and adaptor comes in the package. This metal device hooks onto any faucet to provide a great flow of clean and pure water as it comes out the spout.

A collet tool also comes equipped with the system. The metal piece clamps any faucet tightly to hold pieces like the diverter together while they filter the water for multiple purposes, including for reef tanks.

A gardening tool kit is also optional with the RO/DI system. It not only allows for filtered water to become useful in your garden. It can also help speed up the flow of water to your reef tank.


  • This system removes more than 800 contaminants effectively.
  • Permanent fixtures are not needed to install this system.
  • The system ships diverters that fit both types of kitchen faucets (male and female).


  • You may have to buy additional tools that are not included in the packaging.
  • This system may not work for people with sprinkler type water supplies.

US Water Galaxy 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis System

This system promises to filter gallons of water for your reef tank through its special properties. It uses different methods, from technology to magnetics, to remove unwanted materials from tap water.

This system utilizes disruptive technology to filter water for reef tanks. What this means is that the filters work hand in hand to remove these harmful sediments from the water. It saves on time and efficiency for the system.

The system also has cartridges with a double-O ring for the system. This double ring is designed to protect the cartridges from breaking and to keep them in place.

The system also has a pipe size of 1″ MNPT. This size is designed to allow the appropriate amount of pressure to filter to the system to keep it functioning.


  • With proper pretreatment, the system can last longer than a year.
  • The system can eliminate rancid smells coming from the water.
  • The system does not require electricity for it to function.


  • The life expectancy of the system can vary and is not guaranteed to last a certain amount of time.
  • The system performance is dependent on the water quality and other factors.

Geekpure 6-Stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System

This system achieves turning dirty water to pure water through their deluxe system. Compared to other normal systems, this one works twice as hard to reduce contaminants that can appear in reef water.

The system prides itself on its final stage of the process, which is the DI filter. This specialized filter helps to reduce energy use and TDS components that have remained with the water, making it as more as possible.

Also, the system contains lead-free faucet. It assists the system by connecting easily to any faucet to produce a steady outflow of purified water.

The system contains thin-film composite RO membrane filters as well. These function as a powerful tool that increases the production of water and brings the wastewater ratio to 1:2, where more clean water is being produced.


  • This system is lead free.
  • The pump is quiet as it performs its job function.
  • The setup can operate at the lowest source of water pressure.


  • The RO membrane can take some time to function correctly.
  • The booster pump can put out more pressure than required or needed.

How To Select an RO/DI System?

Selecting an RO/DI system is simpler than people perceive it to be. Choosing a system with the right components can mean the difference between pure and toxic water for your tank. To pick the best system for your reef tank, pay attention to these characteristics:

  • Make sure that the system has Sediment FIlters and Carbon Blockers.
  • Based on how your tap water is testing, choose the system that’s appropriate for that level. If your water tests higher for contaminants, consider using a higher staged system.
  • In the system’s DI filter has resins, either cation, anion, or mixed (both cation and anion).
  • The system should have a pressure gauge to facilitate pushing the dirty elements out of the water.
  • A membrane flush kit should come with the kit as well. This helps to keep the system clean and to prepare for each stage of the cycle.
  • TDS meters should be included within the system that you have. These serve as sensors to display whether the water is clean or not. There are three types that you can choose from: single, dual, and triple.
  • A pressure boost pump is also essential in aiding the system. It works with the pressure gauge to add the appropriate amount of pressure to allow the system to work.

How to Use an RO/DI System?

RO/DI systems may seem complex to comprehend, but they’re actually simpler to work if you know what all goes into running the system. SOme systems consists of a minimum of three stages to complete the purification process. Others, on the other hand can go up to seven stages to ensure the cleanliness of the reef water in your tank. Using and operating the system typically consists of the following stages:

  • Stage 1: Sediment Filtration: The water goes through this process first and larger sediments are removed from the water before it proceeds to the other stages. It helps make the rest of the process easier to complete.
  • Stage 2 & 3: Carbon FIltration: Here, the water removes smaller materials that are harmful to the water. It also cleans any other harmful material within the water.
  • Stage 4: RO Membrane: In this stage, the water goes through an impurity cleanse as many other organic materials are removed from the water. These materials include, but are not limited to, salts, bacteria, and viruses.
  • Stage 5 & 6: DI Membrane: Through this final stage, the water is exposed to resins that removes the last of the organic elements from the water. After this stage, the TDS monitor should read at 0.

How to Maintain Your RO/DI System?

RO/DI systems require rigorous maintenance to keep it functioning properly. SInce they have many components that keep it functioning, it’s important to inspect and test out each part before putting it to work in your reef tank. Only then can your RO/DI system produce more pure water at a steady and fluctuating fashion. In order to keep it working for a longer time, it’s crucial to:

  • Flush the RO membrane for a minimum of 5 minutes before and after using the system. This helps clean the dirty materials left behind from previous dirty water.
  • Incorporate methods to prevent flooding within your system or reef tank. Some of these measures can include incorporating float valves and flood alarms to alert you of the issues that arise.
  • Be sure to change the filters and pre-filters in the system every so often. This time could include as soon as after 6 months of use. Doing this will keep the system running as normal without running into any major issues.
  • Also, be sure to stock up on resins for the DI portion of the system. Sometimes, they can run out quickly depending on how much work you put into the system. Therefore, having the right ones on hand will prevent any further problems.

Advantages to Having an RO/DI Systems?

RO/DI systems come in handy for plenty of reasons, but mostly for producing clean water for reef tanks and aquatic life. Despite this idea, many people may not fully understand how this system can benefit them in their lives. Some advantages to owning this system include:

This system can help you save time and money.

Purchasing this system can prove to be beneficial the most in your time and money. You’ll find peace of mind to be able to create gallons of pure water for your reef tanks within a reasonable time frame. This also keeps money in your wallet by preventing you from buying bottled water at the store.

This system is eco-friendly and saves on energy.
Utilizing this system to create your fresh water can prove to be safe for the environment. It doesn’t use any harmful chemicals or produce dangerous fragrances that will affect your immune system. This device is safe to use within the home and will produce pure water that is also safe to drink. It requires less energy to produce the water as well as long as it’s set up correctly.

This system eliminates the majority of harmful materials within tap water.

People who have bought these systems have found satisfaction in 99% of hard substances being removed from the water. They have also been pleased with the removal of various diseases and chemicals within the water, making it great for reef tanks.


When it comes to aquatic life, only the purest water is needed for reef tanks and animals. Therefore, it’s crucial to only choose the product that will get the job done and eliminate dangerous contaminants in the water.

From quick filtration to easy installation, RO/DO systems are great products to invest in. They take the pain out of your wallet and produce filtered water at a faster rate.

For the right price, would you want to save hundreds of thousands of dollars by making your own water? If so, then invest in an RO/DI system that will produce gallons of freshwater for you in no time.


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