Best Betta Water Conditioner – Review & Guide

A lot of betta fish aren’t taken care of properly because owners aren’t aware of the different products that keep them healthy and alive. Water conditioner is one of those products.

Water conditioner is going to remove the harmful bacteria from the tap water or any water you put into the tank. This is going to maintain a healthy environment for your betta fish and keep it alive for much longer.

With so many water conditioners available to choose from, it can sometimes be difficult to choose the right one for you. Therefore, I have compiled a top ten list of the best water conditioners for betta fish on the market today.

Betta Water Conditioner Reviews

Tetra 16837 BettaSafe Water Conditioner

This water conditioner provides fast-acting results so you won’t need to wait to make sure the water is clean for your betta fish. It gets rid of any unwanted chemicals in the water like ammonia. It neutralizes chlorine and gets rid of any traces of metal that would be harmful to the fish.

It includes essential vitamins to protect and vitalize the betta fish and will hopefully make it live longer. These vitamins also enhance the activity level of your fish. It features a stress-reducing slime feature which helps the betta survive and live better by protecting them against any harmful chemicals or bacteria.

This product is going to have no harmful effect on the water and won’t leave any residue on the tank which is great. One thing to note is that it is a pretty typical water conditioner so it doesn’t have a lot of extra added features.


  • Fast-acting results
  • Removes any traces of metal
  • Provides essential vitamins to make the fish healthy


  • No extra added features
  • The bottle will need to be replaced frequently

Aqueon Betta Bowl Plus Water Conditioner

This water conditioner provides fast-acting results. It instantly makes tap water and other waters instantly safe for your aquatic life. This conditioner is specifically curated for smaller tanks. It contains elements to enhance your betta fish’s life and help it live healthily.

This water conditioner is specifically curated towards betta fish. It promotes a good color that betta fish should be and it makes a natural slime protection on the betta fish that protects it against harmful bacteria.

It neutralizes harmful chemicals such as ammonia, chlorine, and heavy metals that are typically found in tap water. This is to protect your fish and prevent any diseases or harmful bacteria from impacting its life.


  • Natural slime protection
  • Fast-acting results
  • Neutralizes harmful chemicals


  • Not tailored towards larger tanks
  • The packaging is low quality

API Betta Water Conditioner

This product does an excellent job of neutralizing any harmful chemicals such as chlorine, ammonia, and metals commonly found in tap water. These chemicals can end up causing inflammation, skin irritation, and even death. Because it neutralizes these chemicals, it keeps the betta fish healthy and stress-free.

This water conditioner is unique because the formula is made with aloe vera and green tea extract. This is to help heal the fish of any harmful diseases or infections and also prevent inflammation from occurring.

In some instances, this water conditioner has been reported to make the water look cloudy. However, this could be due to putting too much of it into the water so you must be careful not to do that.


  • Made with aloe vera and green tea extract
  • Prevents inflammation and skin irritation
  • Helps heal fish of any diseases


  • Could make the water look cloudy
  • The packaging is made from low-quality materials

Nutrafin Betta Bowl Conditioner

Like most of the other water conditioners, this water conditioner does an excellent job of effectively neutralizing harmful chemicals commonly found in tap water such as ammonia, chlorine, and metals. It provides fast-acting results so you do not have to wait to let your betta fish go in the new water.

The water conditioner protects the scales on the fish and any destruction that happens to them. Also, it prevents any gill destruction. The clean water also promotes a healthier life for the betta fish to live in and help them live stress-free.

This product is specifically made with tropical almond leaf extract which is found in the betta fish’s natural habitat. It helps to keep them stress-free and live in an environment in which they are more comfortable.


  • Made with tropical almond leaf extract
  • Promotes a stress-free environment
  • Fast-acting results


  • Can make the water slightly cloudy
  • May need to be replaced frequently

Seachem Betta Basics

This water conditioner is great because it works for both betta fish and plants too. This product is specifically curated for betta fish to live in their most optimal environment. It neutralizes the harmful and unwanted chemicals such as chlorine, ammonia, and metals commonly found in tap water.

It buffers the water to a pH level of 7.0 which is the most ideal pH level for betta tanks. This is why it works best for specifically betta fish and it probably should not be used for other aquatic life due to this reason. It also encourages plant growth unlike a lot of other water conditioners. It creates a healthy living environment for both plants and betta fish.

This product may possibly leave residue in the tank, but this might only be applicable if it is used excessively. This could mean more maintenance and more cleaning on your end.


  • Promotes the growth of plants
  • Neutralizes unwanted chemicals
  • Buffers the water’s pH levels


  • May leave a residue
  • More maintenance and more cleaning

Zoo Med Betta H2O Conditioner

This water conditioner removes all of the unwanted chlorine in the water while also neutralizing unwanted chemicals such as ammonia and nitrate. It also does an effective job of detoxifying heavy metals that are commonly found in tap water. This is going to create a much healthier living environment for your betta fish to thrive in.

It works instantly so you do not need to worry about waiting till it is ready to put your betta fish back in the water after changing it. It promotes a faster healing process if the fish were to have any health issues. It also promotes a stress-free tank environment.

One thing to note about this conditioner is that you absolutely must be careful of how much you put in compared to the size of your tank. If you put too much in, it will leave a residue that you will have to clean more later.


  • Promotes fast healing process
  • Fast-acting results
  • Detoxifies any heavy metals found in tap water


  • You have to be careful not to use too much
  • You may need to replace this quite frequently

SunGrow Water Starter – Safe and Natural Water Conditioner

This conditioner does its main job which is to neutralize any harmful chemicals such as ammonia, chlorine, and heavy metals. It also calms and heals the fish by improving water quality. This will promote a healthy and stress-free lifestyle for your fish to thrive in.

This product is made with aloe vera which stimulates a faster healing process. It also protects the scales and gills from any damage or destruction. The aloe vera is safer than man-made chemicals put into other water conditioners. If the betta fish loses its natural slime coat, this conditioner will help regenerate it so it is not prone to any diseases or infections.

Two things to note about this water conditioner are that it comes in a small bottle meaning it will need to be replaced more frequently, and the bottle is made from poor quality materials.


  • Made with aloe vera
  • Promotes a healthy and stress-free lifestyle
  • Helps to generate their slime coat


  • Will need to be replaced frequently
  • The bottle is made from poor quality materials

TankFirst Complete Aquarium Water Conditioner

The formula makes tap water instantly safe by neutralizing the ammonia, chlorine, and traces of metal that can commonly be found in tap water. It is perfect for all types of applications including freshwater and saltwater. This water conditioner is not specifically made for betta fish, but it can still work for betta fish.

A great thing about this water conditioner is that it does not create a cloudy effect when you add too much. Therefore, it is going to mean less cleaning and less maintenance on your end.

Some water conditioners tend to have a weird odor to them, but this one does not. This prevents the tank and the fish from smelling bad. Also, it is safe for all types of aquatic life–even the most sensitive ones.


  • Fast-acting results
  • Neutralizes harmful chemicals
  • No bad odor


  • Made from poor quality material
  • No extra added all-natural ingredients

Seachem Prime Fresh and Saltwater Conditioner

This is not a water conditioner made for only betta fish, so it works in all tank applications including but not limited to both freshwater and saltwater. It immediately removes harmful chemicals such as chlorine, ammonia, and any traces of metal that are commonly found in tap water.

It reproduces the fish’s slime coat and helps the regeneration of any diseases. It also helps to protect the fish’s scales and gills from destruction. This is a very reputable company and their products are loved by many.

This is an extremely powerful water conditioner since it is made to condition the water of all types of aquatic life. However, this could be a con since it is not tailored to only a betta fish’s needs.


  • Reputable company
  • Helps to reproduce the fish’s slime coat
  • Can be used in freshwater and saltwater tanks


  • Not specifically made for betta fish’s needs
  • It is easy to put too much in which will end up leaving residue

Jungle BB730W Bowl Buddies Water Conditioner

This water conditioner is very different than all of the others because they are actually made in the form of tablets instead of a dropper or ordinary liquid. This can be perfect for someone who doesn’t want to take the time to perfectly measure it out so as to not leave a residue. This product is made specifically for betta fish and goldfish.

It provides fast-acting results so you will not need to wait until your water is ready to allow your fish to keep swimming. This product adds beneficial electrolytes that are going to help the fish to live a healthy lifestyle.

One thing to note about this water conditioner is that it only comes with 8 tablets in one package so you will likely need to replace it frequently. However, each one is relatively inexpensive so that should not be a huge issue for most.


  • Tablet form is much easier to apply
  • Fast-acting results
  • No residue


  • You will need to replace it frequently
  • Not suitable for larger tanks

Benefits of Betta Water Conditioner

If you are currently looking for a suitable betta water conditioner for your betta’s tank, it is important that you educate yourself on all the things that factor into each product. This will ensure that you get the most out of the product you choose and that it is suitable for your wants and needs.

  • Protective: Water conditioner will prevent the water from harming your betta fish. Sometimes harmful chemicals can be found in tap water. The water conditioner neutralizes those chemicals and makes the water safe for your betta fish to live in.
  • Heals fish: Most betta water conditioners also come with components that help your fish maintain their slime coat. This ensures a healthy lifestyle for them that prevents any illness or damage. Also, if the fish does get harmed by something, their slime coat will help them to heal faster.
  • Enhances fish: Sometimes different water conditioners can be curated with different types of extracts, minerals, and vitamins that help the fish in different ways. For example, some have vitamins that help the fish appear more vibrant.
  • Helps to eliminate stress: A properly conditioned tank will aid your betta fish in avoiding stress. Stress can potentially lead to illness or death. Therefore, a healthier environment that the betta water conditioner helps to provide is a great way to keep your betta fish happy and healthy.
  • Detoxifies metals: There are traces of metals found in tap water that can be damaging and even fatal to your betta fish. The betta water conditioner helps neutralize and eliminate the traces of metal in order to create a safe and healthy environment.
  • Less maintenance: A betta water conditioner promotes the cleanliness of your water. Therefore, you won’t need to spend as much time cleaning it out. This is also due to the fact that betta fish do not promote tons of waste compared to other species of fish.

How to Use Betta Water Conditioner?

When you clean out your tank or add more water into your tank, it is crucial that you put water conditioner into the water. This will neutralize the water and make it safe for your betta fish.

You want to use tap water instead of distilled water. Distilled water can be harmful to your tank, but tap water is able to be neutralized by the water conditioner. It is important that the water is room temperature before adding water conditioner. This will ensure that the water conditioner is not impaired by extreme temperatures.

Depending on the measurements specified on the specific water conditioner you are using, you should always carefully measure the water conditioner amount. Remember that the measurements usually follow a ratio that depends on each gallon of water in your tank. Measure carefully so the right amount is put in.

What to Look for in a Betta Water Conditioner?

  • Neutralizes harmful chemicals: The most important thing in buying an effective betta water conditioner is making sure that it does a great job of neutralizing any harmful chemicals. Specifically, these chemicals include ammonia, nitrate, chlorine, chloramine, and heavy metals. These chemicals are toxic to your aquatic life, so it is absolutely necessary that your water conditioner is able to neutralize them effectively.
  • Enhances protective slime coat: Protective slime coats are extremely helpful for your betta fish when preventing disease and damage. Also, it helps them to heal quickly if anything were to happen to them. A lot of betta water conditioners come equipped with this feature, and it is one that will definitely enhance your betta fish and lengthen their lifespan.
  • Reliability: It is crucial that the betta water conditioner that you choose is reliable. The toxins that it neutralizes are toxic to betta fish and other types of fish. Therefore, if they are not being neutralized consistently, it can be harmful and potentially fatal to your aquatic life.
  • Fast-acting results: When applying the water conditioner, you must put your betta fish in a secondary source. Usually, this source is small and limits movements. Therefore, you are not going to want your betta fish in there for long. Choosing a betta water conditioner that has fast-acting results will provide for a quicker cleaning process and will allow your betta fish to quickly return to their tank.

FAQ’s for Betta Water Conditioner

Can I use distilled water for my betta tank?

No. Distilled water can be very dangerous for your betta tank. Even with the water conditioner, distilled water lacks beneficial minerals that your betta fish needs. Also, it goes through chemical processes that you are not going to want your fish exposed to.

Is highly concentrated water conditioner harmful?

No. In fact, a highly concentrated water conditioner would be my recommendation. You will need to use less of it compared to a normal water conditioner. Therefore, you won’t need to be replacing it that often. Also, these water conditioners often do an efficient job of consistently neutralizing all of the harmful chemicals and keeping your tank a healthy environment.

Is water conditioner beneficial for plants?

Yes. Plants can also be harmed by these chemicals. If you have plants in your tank, a healthy environment free of any toxins will help them grow and flourish.

What are the harmful chemicals found in tap water that the water conditioner neutralizes?

The chemicals that the water conditioner neutralizes include chlorine, ammonia, chloramine, nitrites, heavy metals and other forming ionic bonds.

Does the water conditioner need to specifically be for betta fish?

The water conditioner does not need to specifically be for betta fish. But, there are some factors in betta water conditioner that specifically help betta fish and is tailored for them. If you get a water conditioner that is not tailored specifically for betta fish, you will not receive any of the other benefits such as protecting their slime coats.

Is betta water conditioner safe for all species?

Yes. Betta water conditioner is completely safe for all species of fish. This means it is also safe for both freshwater and saltwater applications.

Water conditioner is an essential product to keep your fish happy and healthy while also balancing the water’s pH levels. By reading this list, hopefully you were able to match your priorities with the qualities of each water conditioner and maybe even find a new conditioner for your betta’s tank!

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