Fish food

Homemade Fish Food – Make food for fish at home

The first step to making your fish food isn’t anything to do with food. It’s getting an understanding of all the different diets throughout your tank. You cannot make the perfect meal for a fish that you don’t know. It’s important to try to mock the food they are used to eating. Unfamiliar food may result in starvation.

One way you can go about choosing ingredients is to look up the ingredients to the food specifically made for your fish then take the four or five most abundant ingredients. read more

Best Cichlid Food – Review & Guide

Providing your cichlids with the best possible nutrition is essential for their guaranteed longevity, vibrancy, and active, healthy lives. However, each species of cichlid requires its own nuances in diet.

In their natural environments, cichlids are often opportunistic feeders. This means that even though each species has its own requirements in diet, each species also has a varied diet with a variety of nutritional needs.

Cichlids can be carnivores, herbivores, or omnivores, and knowing which you have is the first step in knowing what kind of feed you should provide them. read more

Best Goldfish Food – Review & Guide

Our goldfish, although tiny, require plenty of care and nutrition to survive. Therefore, they should only be fed the best goldfish food on the market.

When fish are fed food that meets their nutritional needs, they are bound to live a happier and healthier life. Only then can they also thrive within their environment.

The best goldfish food out there contains a good balance of protein and vitamins to a goldfish’s diet. The food should also work to keep a goldfish’s color, improve their immune system, and much more. read more