Best Goldfish Food – Review & Guide

Our goldfish, although tiny, require plenty of care and nutrition to survive. Therefore, they should only be fed the best goldfish food on the market.

When fish are fed food that meets their nutritional needs, they are bound to live a happier and healthier life. Only then can they also thrive within their environment.

The best goldfish food out there contains a good balance of protein and vitamins to a goldfish’s diet. The food should also work to keep a goldfish’s color, improve their immune system, and much more.

Goldfish Food Reviews

TetraFin Balanced Diet Goldfish Flake Food

This goldfish food is recognized for its quality and quantity. Whether you get the smaller size or the bulk size, you’ll still get the necessary nutrition from these fish flakes.

This goldfish food has a special formula intended on keeping goldfish healthier than before. This patented formula guarantees that your goldfish will build a healthier immune system through the vitamins and minerals they consume.

The food also contains a micro-milled, exotic, high-protein fish meal, which makes the pellets digestible for the goldfish. The pureness of this ingredients helps to eliminate waste within the water and maintain its cleanliness.

This brand of goldfish food comes equipped with a variety of food options. From different shapes and sizes to different colors, each option serves a different purpose to extend the life of your goldfish.


  • The flakes have a good taste for the goldfish.
  • The fish food doesn’t give off an odorous smell in the water.
  • The flakes have been shown to improve the color of the goldfish.


  • The flakes may cloud up the water when fed to the goldfish.
  • The flakes may make it difficult to clean your fish tank.
  • The smell of the food could bother other pets that you may have (dogs, cats, etc.).

Wardley Fish Food and Accessories

This goldfish food is made with high-quality elements that will benefit your goldfish in the long run. It’s packed with protein and will help keep then healthier and happier.

This goldfish food is offered in a variety of shapes and sizes to best fit your fish’s needs. From pellets to flakes, there will always be a nutritional shape that will work for their health.

Also, this goldfish food has an immune support formula that supports your fish’s digestive system. With Vitamin C and other minerals embedded within the formula, it makes your goldfish stronger overall.

This brand also scientifically developed this food with high-quality formulated fish meal to make it easily digestible. By doing this, they prolong the efficiency of your fish and cut down on their waste.


  • The goldfish enjoy the taste of this food.
  • Fish who have consumed the flakes have reportedly become more active in their tanks.
  • The flakes have lasted longer than flakes that people buy at the store.


  • The ingredients may not be as great as the package indicates.
  • The flakes may be too small, and fish may have a hard time finding them when placed in the water.

Aqueon Goldfish Flakes

This brand of goldfish food is intended for providing daily nutrition for goldfish. It promises to fulfill your goldfish’s needs in small and consumable portions.

The natural ingredients within this goldfish food work together to provide a healthier option for the fish to consume. With no added colors, it’s a healthier alternative to ordinary fish food.

The color of the goldfish food represents the actual natural ingredients contained within the fish food. It is designed to bring out the natural colors of the goldfish.

These goldfish flakes are also designed to help fish utilize more of what they eat. By doing this, it cuts down on the amount of waste they produce within their tanks.


  • This goldfish food can feed a variety of fish, not just goldfish.
  • The bottle the goldfish food comes in is a large size. You can also obtain it within various other sizes as well.
  • The goldfish can digest the food effectively.


  • The food may come out clumpy and powdery instead of flakey.
  • The flakes may be too colorful.
  • The flakes can cloud up the water and make it appear oily.

Repashy Super Gold – Goldfish and Koi Gel Food

If you’re looking for a goldfish food that’ll provide great nutrition and more for your fish, then look no further. This food can also mix with other fish food for maximum efficiency and nutritional needs.

This brand of goldfish food comes as a special powder mix. When mixed with water and heated up, it turns into a substance that your fish can find and consume easily.

This product also becomes a gel that can be placed within the water. It is designed to become easy to digest and consume for the fish.

The powder form of this goldfish food is designed to last for a predetermined amount of time. The process is simple to complete and requires minimal energy to create your fish’s food.


  • This food may solve other problems that fish may have, such as swim bladder problems.
  • This food can help improve your fish’s mobility, health, and energy.
  • After making this food, it can be put in the refrigerator to be preserved for a longer time.


  • This can leave tiny particles in the water.
  • The gel may make your fish sick, depending on their digestive system.

NorthFin Goldfish

This premium goldfish food is free of any added components that are harmful to your fish. From being filler-free to being hormone-free, it’s an organic meal that you can feed your fish.

This goldfish food has a special formula with organic kelp as one of the main ingredients. The kelp helps to provide maximum nutrition for the fish since it contains high levels of healthy minerals.

This food is also designed to float down slowly in the water. Not only does this give your fish time to catch the food, but it also prevents them from taking in air while eating.

The formula also includes Spirulina, which is biomass that provides major health benefits. It contains raw proteins and vitamins that will provide the fish with an ample amount of healthy sediments.


  • The slow floating pellets help you accurately portion your fish’s food when it’s feeding time.
  • The food improves the health and appearance of the fish rather quickly.
  • The water stays cleaner for a longer time when people use the pellets during the feeding time.


  • The pellets may make the water and tank stink.
  • The pellets could cloud up the water.

Fluval Bug Bites Pellets for Goldfish

This goldfish food contains a special ingredient to their slow sinking pellets: Black Soldier Fly Larvae. It’s one of the main ingredients that works with other nutrients to prolong the health of your fish.

As stated before, Black Soldier Fly Larvae is one of the main ingredients. It’s a high protein insect that can replace fish meal. However, it’s used to add extra health benefits to the food.

This food also contains Omega 3 and 6, which is one of the main essential vitamins and ingredients. It helps keep your fish’s skin, scales, and fins healthy and glowing.

This food is composed of a balanced diet with the main sediments that fish need to remain healthy. Those minerals include essential vitamins, amino acids, and minerals.


  • The bug bites have helped some fish grow to a larger size.
  • The bug bites can mix with other forms of fish food to add flavor and nutrients.
  • The bug bites won’t pollute the water in the tank.


  • The larvae may puff up in the water, making it harder for the fish to consume.
  • This fish food is meant for larger fish instead of smaller fish, like goldfish.

Omega One Goldfish Pellets

These pellets are good for helping fish with their physical forms. It’s also designed for fish with sensitive systems and requires food that isn’t tough on their digestive system.

This goldfish food is made without any meal and contains less starch than other fish food. Not only does it reduce fish waste, but it also prevents water pollution from occurring.

Natural beta carotenes in the pellets help to enhance your fish’s color to make them appear livelier. It also improves the overall energy and stamina of your fish.

Also, raw and unprocessed proteins are used to make the pellets. They bind together to form a natural food option that keeps your water and tank clean.


  • You can feed your fish with a smaller number of pellets, causing the food to last longer.
  • After soaking the pellets, they will sink in the water at a moderate speed.
  • The food has enhanced the fish’s color and energy levels.


  • The food may have drastic effects on the fish (could cause choking or even death).
  • These pellets can take a longer time to soften up when soaked in water.

Blue Ridge Fish Food Pellets

This bucket of goldfish food is full of protein that packs a punch for small and large fish. They provide a more nutritional diet for fish that will improve their lives.

This food has a special blend that promotes more than a healthy immune system. It also helps to alleviate the stress that your fish may experience.

Also, with the special blend, it causes your fish’s internal organs to become stronger. It protects them against deadly immune diseases that may develop for them in the future.

The food also has premium all-season floating food pellets. These are designed to contain the same balanced diet that is necessary for any fish to consume.


  • The fish seem to enjoy the taste of the pellets.
  • This food can be mixed with other fish food to enhance the flavor.
  • The pellets are successful in contributing to the growth of the fish.


  • These pellets may not be appealing to fish. This would make the pellets a hit or miss for your fish.
  • The pellets may be too small depending on your fish.

Cobalt 22202 Goldfish Color Pellet Fish Food

This goldfish food is packed with minerals and probiotics that promote healthy living. All these nutrients are packed within a small pellet that will fill your fish up with materials that will help them survive.

The pellets are made from Cobalt. What the Cobalt does is help the pellets sink to the bottom of the tank. Afterward, it makes it easier for fish to consume them.

Once the fish begin to consume the pellets, they also begin to consume probiotics. They are in the form of Bacillus species bacteria, which goes into maintaining the fish’s health and well-being.


  • The smaller pellets help to prevent people from overfeeding the fish.
  • Fish who consume these pellets are more active in their habitats.
  • The pellets are a good size for fish of all sizes.


  • The pellets can break down easily in the water.
  • The pellets may become powdery as fish are consuming them.

Fluval Hagen 90gm Goldfish Pellets

The pellets for this brand are perfect for goldfish that are active. Not only will it keep their stamina up, but it will also keep them healthy throughout their lives.

These pellets are designed to bring a pleasant taste to your fish’s mouths. With the taste enhanced, there’s no need to mix it with other fish foods.

The pellets also have a full complement of vitamins with stabilized vitamin C. These two combine to form the ultimate superfood for your fish to indulge in.

The food also is designed to be smaller in nature. It helps make the digestion process easier and the sinking process slower for fish to enjoy their food fully.


  • The fish enjoy the enhanced flavor of the pellets.
  • The fish can easily get full off a specific number of pellets.
  • The pellets have shown to prevent gallbladder disease in fish.


  • When the pellets dissolve in the water, it can leave a smelly odor in the water.
  • The pellets could possibly clog up your filter and make the water cloudy.

Types of Goldfish Food?

Many people have thought of goldfish food as just pellets within a container. However, there is a variety of food that you can choose from for your fish. It all depends on several factors, such as the type of fish you possess and the type of diet they require. Goldfish food types include the following:

Sinking Pellets: This is one of the most common types of food for fish. When absorbed with water, these pellets will sink to the bottom of the water. This gives fish the time to either eat them as they float to the bottom or bury them in the ground to consume later.

Floating Pellets: These pellets are exactly what the name implies: They float on top of the water. They are loosely pressed and filled with many air pockets that keep them afloat. Fish then pick at the food until they are done with consumption.

Flakes: These are thin strips of food that are easy for fish to consume. They are made from a variety of flavors depending on which one you buy. From fish meal to shrimp meal, it provides the necessary nutrients that are needed for fish in captivity.

Gel: This is a safe option for fish to consume. The gelatin is made from a specific fish food powder and hot water. Once created, it can last for some time and you can feed the fish the concoction in small portions until they’re full.

How To Select Goldfish Food?

When you head to the nearest grocery store, whether local or online, it can be nerve-wracking to pick goldfish food. However, the process can become much easier if you know what to look for. Here are some characteristics to look for when picking your next fish food:

Nutritional Value: One of the most crucial things to look for is the nutritional value of fish food. Depending on all the minerals that are in the food can determine how healthy it is for your fish. For instance, fish foods with minerals like Vitamin C and Omega 3 are considered healthy.

Type of Goldfish Food: Believe it or not, your fish may not like one type of food. They may require a specific size due to their immune system and body type. For instance, a smaller goldfish may not be able to consume a larger pellet. Therefore, you must pick the food that will resonate best with your fish.

Warnings for your fish type. As stated earlier, it’s best to pick a fish food that will resonate best with your fish’s health. Therefore, when you chose the food, be sore to perform extensive research to see the effects it’ll have on your fish. Some goldfish foods can harm your fish by chocking them or causing death.

Frequently Asked Questions About Goldfish Food?

For people, especially first-time fish owners, it may be intimidating to figure out how to take care of your fish. It can be the same way when trying to keep up with your fish’s food. Here are some frequently asked questions about keeping up with your goldfish and their food:

How long can goldfish go without eating? Officially, goldfish can go without food for as long as 134 days. Of course, it would be wise to not leave your fish without food for that long. It’s best to feed your fish as often as they need to be fed, which can also be described in the directions of the food.

Why is my goldfish not eating? Often enough, goldfish don’t eat when they have a certain disease, like swim bladder disease. In cases like this, goldfish foods that focus on the health of your fish are a good option to use. Not only will it keep them healthy and disease-free, but it will also make them look physically better as well.

Can I feed my goldfish something other than goldfish food? Yes, you can. Goldfish also like to feast on vegetables like peas. It’s also nutritional for them and can contribute to making them healthier.

Is it okay to use goldfish food as the only source of food for my fish? Yes, this is perfectly fine. This is especially true for goldfish foods that have all the necessary nutrients that your fish will need to live a happy and productive life. Be sure to check the fish food before purchasing to make sure it has everything that you need.

Can other fish eat goldfish food, or is it just for one specific type of fish? For the most part, this food is good for any fish to consume. There may be some fish foods out there that only should be fed to one type of fish. Make sure you get one that meets all your needs, including being able to be fed to other fish if you have multiple fish.

How To Feed Goldfish Food To Your Fish?

Many people may be concerned about overfeeding their fish, which is a common occurrence. For this reason, it’s important to ask what the appropriate amount is to feed your fish. Here is a guideline that helps make that process much easier:

Step 1: Research your goldfish/fish. Every fish is not the same. Therefore, you must conduct the necessary research to figure out what the fish’s diet is like, what would be the best type of food for them to eat, etc.

Step 2: Plan to switch up the brand and type of food to feed your fish from time to time. For fish to survive, they need some variety in their lives. Eventually, they will get tired of the same brand of goldfish food. This is where you can implement new types, such as live food or vegetables.

Step 3: Feed small amounts of goldfish food to your fish daily. One rule to follow is to feed your fish no more than what it can eat in 1-2 minutes. This is a good rule to follow since goldfish can overeat and die from doing so. It can also be helpful to feed your fish 2-3 times a day.

Step 4: Watch your fish as they eat. You want to make sure that your fish doesn’t overeat. If it does, it can cause problems with their mobility and trap gas in their system. When you notice that your fish is eating too much, take out any excess food.

Step 5: Come up with a schedule for your fish. To help you and your fish out, it’s wise to come up with a feeding schedule. This allows you to keep track of the times your fish has eaten, the effects your fish has to certain foods, and much more.


When you bring home your new aquatic friend, you want to make sure that they are well taken care of. Picking the right food to feed them is a start to keeping them happy and healthy.

Your goldfish will always remain healthy with the best food on the market. They are jam-packed with the necessary nutrients that are required to build your fish’s immune system. Who doesn’t want a strong fish?

Don’t deprive your goldfish of the good food out there. Go out and get one of these food brands today. Be sure to come back and talk about your experiences with these food types too.

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