Best Filter For Betta – Review & Guide

Betta fish tanks are designed to hold aquatic lifeforms. As a result, they require filters to keep the water clean and safe. Otherwise, the water will become a hazard to the health of the Betta fish.

It’s essential to pick a filter that will perform as many duties as possible. The least amount of work you’ll have to put in, the more effective the filter will be for your Betta fish.

These filters will ensure that your tank water stays clean. It’ll also eliminate unnecessary materials in the water, such as excess food and fish waste. This will ultimately help your fish breathe and live easily.

Filter For Betta Reviews

Aquarium Biochemical Sponge Filter

This sponge filter is designed to effectively clean the contents of tanks to make it pure. It provides a more eco-friendly option for people looking to become more environmentally conscious.

The multifunctional biological filtration system utilizes multiple functions to complete the filtration process. The single scientific 7-layer ribbing shape sponge design assists in improving the water quality and the oxygen intake for Betta fish.

With the ceramic pearls filtration media, harmful sediments are able to be removed from the tank swiftly. This would also increase oxygen levels within the tank and provide the Betta with a more livable environment.

Removable sponges come with the filter, which helps to protect Betta fish from being sucked up into the filter while it’s in effect. It also provides mechanical and biological filtration for easy disposal of waste.


  • This filter can be used with different filtration systems to enhance its quality work.
  • The sponges are removable and easy to clean and replace.
  • This filter eases the worry of having to constantly change the filter system in Betta tanks.
  • The filter clears the water within tanks in a matter of minutes.


  • The ceramic balls can slow down the flow of water to the tank.
  • The filter could start producing more air bubbles than water after a certain point of time.

AZOO Mignon Filter 60

This compact designed filter is designed to effectively clean up to 3 ½ gallons of Betta tank water. Its hanging design is also meant to save space for the tank.

The intel strainer sponge is included in this filter to help with the filtration process. It helps by absorbing the unnecessary materials that make the water harmful and dangerous for Betta and other fish.

This filter offers a three-step filtration process. This process requires less manual energy by the consumer as it performs mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration by itself.

The filter also has a prefilter to help protect Betta and other fish in the water. It acts as a barrier to keep fish from getting caught in the filter.


  • This filter is quiet and barely vibrated while in operation.
  • This filter comes with a prefilter that prevents fish from getting stuck.
  • This filter doesn’t require an external pump to function properly. 


  • The sponges that come with the filter may not be as effective as others out there.
  • The current may be too strong depending on what kind of Betta tank you have.
  • The instructions on the box may not be useful. You may have to get instructions on how to install and work the filter from Youtube or another source.

Hygger Quiet Aquarium Filter

This silent filter is guaranteed to work diligently to keep water in tanks crystal clear and fully filtrated. Its submerged motor will work efficiently if the water passes 2/3rd of the filter.

The 2-stage filtration process of the filter makes the water clear in the tank. The poly fiber and activated carbon work together to achieve that ultimate goal in the filter.

The two sections of spray bars work with the filter to distribute water across the tank evenly. This ultimately controls the filtration process during times where it may need to cease.

The beta filter is small and helps with the installation process. It also comes with a filler media already installed, in addition to suction cups that aid the process.


  • The flow of the filter is adjustable to the needs of your tank.
  • The filter is easier to clean due to its compact size.
  • The filter effectively filters the water without harming any Betta or other fish.


  • There can be some confusion as to how to remove the media basket.
  • The carbon chamber may be too small.
  • The suction cups can begin to not work after a few cleanings.

Whisper In-Tank Filter

This in-tank filter utilized bio scrubbers for effective cleaning of the tanks. With this in effect, water for the tanks becomes easier to filtrate and livable for Betta fish.

This system has two filters in one for effective filtration and purification. The cartridge floss deals with fish waste, while the ultra-activated carbon deals with the odor and the color of the water.

The internal pump circulates around the tank to enhance effective cleaning. It does this up to 6 times per hour, cutting down on time needed to manually clean the tank.

The internal power filter is the main component that makes the filtration process painless and simple. Using small cartridges for the task makes for easy adjustments to different water levels.


  • The water flow for this filter wasn’t too strong and wasn’t able to push any fish around.
  • The filter works so effectively because of how simple it is; it requires no extra work to prepare it for the tank.
  • The filter comes with other perks, including a hinged lid and a tank clip. 


  • The filter doesn’t come with a sponge, so you may need to buy one if you want to enhance the performance of the filter.
  • The tank clip may not be effective depending on the type of tank a person possesses.

Whisper IQ Power Filter

This quiet filter promises to clean and clear dirty tank water without any effort. Its quiet filter makes it special since there’s a barrier between the filter and the motor to minimize noise.

The motor sits within the water, helping with quick and easy filtration. Also, since its in the water, it requires no priming and eases the process further.

The unique stay clean technology of the filter helps to make the cleaning process much easier. By balancing the pH levels, the maintenance of the water requires minimal manual work.

The impellers on this filter are upgraded to create more efficiency during the process. The powerful impellers make for an effective filter meant to last longer than other filters.


  • This filter works more effectively for people with smaller tanks.
  • The filters are easy to change and can be obtained at almost any store.
  • The filter keeps the tank water clean and odor-free.
  • Setting up this motor for the filter is simple to complete.


  • The motor for the filter makes too much noise.
  • The filter may malfunction and overflow as a result.
  • The filter may have to be changed more often than the directions suggest.

Penn Plax Cascade Hang-on Aquarium Filter

This hanging filter is designed for smaller tanks for accurate filtration. With special perks, such as a leveling device, it will stay intact to the tank and work in no time.

The four-stage filtration process is included within the filter to enhance the power. It works with the filter to make the tank water crystal clear and livable for Betta fish.

The filter also comes with an adjustable intake tube that makes the filter more convenient for the tank. This ultimately helps make more room for the Betta fish to swim in the water.

The poly fiber floss cartridge installed within the filter makes the filter perform better. It ultimately picks up floating debris, which protects any Betta fish from harmful bacteria that may form.


  • The filter performs its duties while also being silent.
  • The media basket is roomy, which makes room for others if need be.
  • It’s easy to adjust the flow of the water for the needs of the Betta fish.
  • The filter is compact and is able to fit on a small tank.


  • The cartridges that come with the filter may not be as effective as it states.
  • There may have to be some adjustments made to prevent anything from getting stuck in the filter.

DaToo Aquarium Power Filter

This filter promises to address the problem of how to effectively keep fish healthy and happy. Its powerful filtration process makes that vision a reality.

The filter has a water flow type like a waterfall, which helps to benefit Betta fish while they’re swimming. It generates more oxygen to the water to help the fish breathe.

The filter is enhanced with cotton cartridges and activated carbon to work twice as hard as other filters. Both components help to remove harmful properties and odor from the water.

The filter also has an energy-saving design, which cuts down on the amount of energy it uses to operate. It only works on 2KWH of electricity every month, which cuts down on electricity bills.


  • The filter is able to mount well on the tanks.
  • The filter is low maintenance and does all the work by itself.
  • The filter is able to function 24 hours a day.


  • Black carbon fibers may come on the device and make it look dirty.
  • It’s crucial to watch the suction of the filter, as it may suck up the Betta fish.

MarineLand Penguin 100 GPH BIO-Wheel Power Filter

This filter is dedicated to catering to the needs and health of aquatic lifeforms. Through new technological advancements, the filter can perform more functions meant to benefit the fish altogether.

A rotating bio-wheel comes with the filter to advance the filtration process. This new technology makes wet and dry filtration a new and improved option for cleaning tank water.

This filter comes with a three-stage filtration process: mechanical, chemical, and biological. All three stages work together to aid the filter in producing pure and clear water for Betta fish to thrive in.

The filter also comes with an adjustable mid-level intake, which helps with the flow of the water. The circulation of water is then controlled and can improve depending on your tank and Betta fish needs.


  • All the components work together to produce oxygen to Betta and other fish.
  • Replacement filters for this product are easy to access when needed.
  • The bio-wheel adds the necessary nutrients needed for the water and Betta.


  • This filter may make loud noises after some uses.
  • The input tube may be too large for smaller tanks.

Bestgle Aquarium Mini Filter

This mini-filter is designed to not only save space for many sized tanks. It’s also meant to work diligently to swiftly clean tank water and give aquatic lifeforms a functioning habitat.

A sponge filter is used to perform the main functions of the mini-filter. Its design helps to catch even the smallest sediments that may be contained within the water through mechanical and biological filtration means.

The filter also comes with a triple filtration system that uses cotton filters, quartz stand, and activated carbon. These components further ensure the safety and cleanliness of the water and the Betta fish.

Aerobic bacteria also come with the filter and covers the sponge during the filtration process. This puts the water through a bacterial substrate to aid the filter through the nitrogen cycle.


  • This system does not require a separate bubbler.
  • The filter doesn’t require any extra electricity and is simple to operate.
  • The system works effectively and gets the job done with all its components working together.


  • The filter needs to be connected to an air pump and an air tube, which is not included with the product.
  • Cleaning the filter can prove to be rather difficult.
  • The filter can be too big for smaller sized bowls.

GMsound Bio Sponge Filter

This sponge filter helps to clean water for Betta fish through multiple filtration processes. It’s an environmentally friendly device with biodegradable sponges for easy use and great results for the water.

This filter comes with a multi-function biological filtration system, which is patented in design and appearance. It’s designed to quickly filtrate water and produce more pure water with no extra effort.

An air tube inlet and connector also comes with the filter, which helps with easy installation and connection to the filter and tank. This ultimately makes the setup process easier for the consumer.

Ceramic pearl balls are located within the filter to help with the cleaning process for the water. It also provides more oxygen to Betta and other fish without harming them.


  • The sponges are biodegradable and easy to replace on the filter.
  • Different filtration materials can be used with the filter to enhance quality and performance.
  • The sponge filters perform the best work on this filter. 


  • The filters that come with the product may be too small depending on your tank.
  • The performance may not be too good as stated on the packaging.

How To Select A Filter

Betta fish and other aquatic lifeforms can only survive in tanks with sufficient and clean water. Only then can they fully flourish to live their longest life. The only way to provide that safe environment is through selecting the right filter to have within their tanks. To pick the right filter, here are some characteristics that it must have:

  • The filter must be an adequate size. Depending on the size of your tank can determine the size of the filter you need. This is a crucial step to follow because if a filter is too big for your Betta’s tank, then they will not have enough room to function in their environment. They will also dislike being pushed around by the currents and bubbles that the filters can create while operating.
  • Select a filter with a sponge attachment. Many filters for Betta tanks come with sponges, which is one of the most effective ways to capture harmful sediments in the water. Its ability to soak up even the smallest particles makes it safe to use, even around Betta fish.
  • Consider using a canister filter. Like filters with sponges, canister filters work just as effectively to clean dirty water within tanks. Not only are they powerful and operate at high flow rates, but they are also quiet and are customizable to suit your Betta’s need.

Frequently Asked Questions About Filters

Filters, although useful to fish tanks, can be rather confusing to people who have never bought them before. As a result, there are many questions that are constantly asked to get a better understanding of how they operate and help Betta fish. Here are some of those questions and the answers to them:

When using the water filter, do I still need to change the water regularly? Yes, it’s always a necessity to change your Betta’s water as often as you need to. Although the filter works to perform the majority of the cleaning and filtration of the water, keeping the water changed will further keep your fish happy and thriving.

Does a filter have a replaceable filter cartridge? Yes, the majority of filtration systems out there have cartridges that you can replace. Some of them may differ in what you can replace the cartridges with, however. Some may allow you to use other types of cartridges, like carbon cartridges. Others may only allow you to use the same type of cartridge for the system.

How often do you need to replace the filter cartridge? Filter cartridges need to be changed at least once a month to keep it clean and functioning. They can also be changed whenever there’s a decrease in the flow of water.

For filters with sponges, can they be removed and cleaned? Yes, the sponges that come with these filters are simple to remove and clean. You can also replace them with new sponges if you would like.

Do the filters have to be completely submerged into the water to work? This solely depends on the type of filter that you possess. Some of the filters have to be completely in the water to function properly. Others can partially remail submerged in the water to work. Be sure to check with the type of filter you have and need to see for sure.

How To Maintain Your Filter

Filters are designed to keep Betta tanks clean and safe for aquatic lifeforms. However, many people neglect to remember that the filter also requires maintenance to continue to perform well and long. Here are some ways to keep your filter working:

  • Clean the contents of the filter often. As the filter cleans the tank water, it can begin to build on components that were extracted from the water. As a result, it can begin to slow down on efficiency sooner if it’s not properly cleaned. To clean it, you have to first take out the sponges (if it has any) and clean them. Then, you must scrub out the casing s and tubes of the filter until its clean. Finally, you can put the components back together and plug it back into the tank to be used again.
  • Change out the filters and sponges often. The filters and sponges are what work together to keep the water in Betta tanks clean. Therefore, it’s important to stock up on them so that you can change them once they begin to get old and worn out on the filter.
  • Keep protective measures on your filter to protect your Betta fish. Often enough, fish can get caught on components of the filters being used and it can cause severe harm to their fins. Not only will they experience extreme pain when caught on them. They could also experience death if protective measures are not taken. Covering the filter up with extra sponges and other materials will help the fish out in the long run.

Advantages To Having A Filter

Using a filter for your Betta tank is one of the best investments that can be made to keep your fish happy and healthy. In fact, many of the advantages of having a filter include:

  • The amount of waste in tank water will decrease significantly. Instead of you cleaning waste out of your Betta tank daily, you can have a filter perform the hard task for you. It reduces the amount of work you’ll have to put into cleaning the water yourself, giving you more time to help your Betta fish in other ways.
  • The amount of oxygen supplied to the Betta fish will increase. Not only do filters clean your Betta fish tank. It also produces more oxygen to your fish that will help them breathe and live better.
  • You’ll save plenty of time and energy by investing in a filter. Since filters perform the hard tasks for you, you won’t have to worry or spend too much time on making sure your fish is living in a good environment.
  • These filters are environmentally efficient and energy saving. Many of these filters are made from biodegradable materials that will not harm the environment. They also can save on your electricity bills if they do not use too much energy to perform the job.


For Betta fish to survive and thrive, they are going to need an effective filter in their tanks. Why? Because it makes cleaning the tanks easier and generates more oxygen for them to operate within.

If you want your Betta fish to become happier in its habitat, why not go out and buy a filter for their tanks. This investment will pay off when you notice cleaner and clearer water.

If there was information left out about this product, be sure to tell your own experiences with filters for Betta tanks. Your responses may help to answer other questions that people may have later on.

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