1001+ Betta Fish Names – The Ultimate List

There may be no group of aquarium fish as beautiful and diverse as the betta fish, also known as the Siamese fighting fish. This unique foreign fish was originally bred for sport fighting but can now be found leading safe and peaceful lives in tanks all over the world.

Due to their gorgeous array of colors and distinctive, flowing fins the betta fish is a fascinating addition to any fish tank or aquarium. This makes them ideal as part of a display tank or decorative piece.

Betta fish, like all pet fish, can be more than just fancy home décor and can even become beloved family pets. The best way to do this is by giving your betta fish names.


Male Betta Fish Names

This section will include name ideas for male betta fish.

Ace: An Ace is someone who is very good at a particular sport or activity, and it can also be a name for your male betta fish. After all their graceful movements makes them the ace swimmers of any fish tank

Drake: Drake is a name that means ‘dragon’ or ‘serpent’ which makes it a solid name for a betta fish. Their wing-like fins and fiery tempers can easily remind someone of a fire-breathing monster.

Finnley: Finnley while this name might first seem like a cheap pun, which it partially is, it actually has a deeper meaning. Finnley is an Irish and Gaelic name meaning “fair-haired courageous one”, and since bettas are a breed of fighting fish this name fits them wonderfully.

Leo: Leo is a Latin name meaning ‘lion’ or ‘brave person’ and creates a feeling of majesty and strength perfect for the beautiful betta fish. While lions might be the kings of the jungle the betta fish is the reigning king of the aquarium.

Spike: While betta fish might not have spines or quills the classic dog name Spike really reflects their aggressiveness. If you’ve got a particularly fierce betta fish or you’re a dog lover at heart then Spike could be a good name choice.

Abe Fox Moe
Adam Frank Morado
Admiral Garland Moses
Akira Gary Mulder
Albert Gentian Nardole
Albus Giles Nemo
Anakin Gonzalez Nigel
Anchor Gusti Noam
Andy Han Odin
Apollo Harry Ortun
Ares Hiro Parker
Atticus Homer Paul
Balder Hungry Peter
Barnaby Indie Pike
Bart James Presley
Bay Jamie Reiichi
Bear Jedrek Ron
Bobby Jem Rory
Bowie Joey Ross
Brian Jose Ryan
Bruce Jupiter Sarjan
Bruno Kai Severus
Butch Kumar Shiloh
Captain Kylo Sirius
Caspian Larry Spike
Chandler Leif Steve
Charger Leland Tao
Christian Leo Thistle
Clint Leonard Thor
Clyde Loki Timmy
Cohen Louis Tom
Colin Lucian Vader
Dale Lucius Walter
Darius Luke Wayne
Darth Lupin Wilfred
Dave Mal William
Depak Marino Wolf
Doctor Mars Xander
Doug Matt Zappa
Draco Max Zeus
Ernie Minos Ziggy

Female Betta Fish Names

Here is a list of potential names for a female betta fish.

Angela: Angela has its root in the word angel and with their wing-like fins, beautiful colors and graceful movements betta fish can certainly look angelic at times. Just remember that a betta with this name will not suddenly become peaceful and caring with other fish.

Lily: Lily is an excellent name for a female betta fish because the two species have much in common. Both lilies and betta fish come in a wide range of vibrant colors and the betta’s large fins look similar to the lily’s lovely petals.

Misty: Misty works as both a girl’s name and a water pun making it the perfect name for a female betta fish whose owner has a sense of humor.

Orchid: Like the lily the Orchid is another flower that comes in a wide range of colors with large, flowing petals. The orchid also shares these traits with the bright colors and long, flowing fins of the betta fish.

Queenie: Bettas are a very regal breed of fish with their flowing fins and bright colors so Queenie makes an excellent name for them. A female crowntail betta in particular would make for a good Queenie.

Abigail Edith Ophelia
Aiza Effie Orchid
Amanda Elizabeth Padma
Ambar Elsie Paris
Amelia Emma Parvati
Angela Esther Patience
Anya Euphemia Patricia
Aoi Evelyn Pearl
Astrid Fleur Persephone
Athena Freya Phoebe
Audrey Geraldine Pixie
Aurora Ginny Princess
Ava Grace Priscilla
Bella Hannah Queenie
Belle Harmony Rachel
Berry Hermione Ratu
Bess Hope Rey
Betty Indira Rose
Blanche Isla Ruby
Buffy Josie Saki
Bunny Kat Sarah
Camilla Laura Sarnai
Carly Lauren Sela
Celeste Leia Shelly
Cher Lily Skyler
Cho Lola Sophia
Coco Louise Sybil
Cora Lucy Tabitha
Coral Luna Tara
Cordelia Lyla Tatum
Cupcake Marina Thelma
Daisy Marnie Uma
Diana Mary Veronica
Dianne Miyoko Viola
Donatella Molly Violet
Donna Monica Wendy
Doris Nerissa Willow
Drusilla Norma Yasmin
Duchess Olivia

Popular Names for Betta Fish

This is a list of names that can be used for male and female betta fish.

Bubbles: There is not much to analyze with a name like Bubbles, fish live underwater and occasionally make bubbles. But if you want a classic, cutesy name for your betta fish this is the way to go.

Flipper: Flipper is not just a name for dolphins and scuba equipment, it can also be a name for your pet fish. And with the massive size of the betta’s fins it certainly deserves this name.

Lucky: Lucky is always a good choice for a pet name, particularly if you have a story behind it. If you picked the last betta in a tank or your fish has had a lot of near-brushes with disaster consider this name for them.

Rainbow: Betta fish come in a wide array of vibrant colors and no name captures this quite like Rainbow. Obviously it works best for multicolored bettas but it can work as an ironic name for a single-color betta.

Snapper: Since bettas as a breed of fighting fish they can be pretty feisty with their tank mates so consider naming yours Snapper. After all, snapping is exactly what they do when they get into a fight.

Blue Betta Fish Names

If your betta fish is blue consider some of the following names for them.

Aquamarines: Aquamarines are beautiful gemstones known for their light blue color. This makes Aquarmarine a good name for a lightly colored blue bettafish or for a white betta with some blue coloration.

Blueberry: Betta fish might not be particularly sweet to other fish but Blueberry is still a good name for a blue betta fish due to their large, round fins.

Blue Moon: Blue Moon is an excellent name for a blue betta with its large, fan-like fins and bright colors. The name can either refer to how uncommon and unique the fish is, it can be a tribute to Frank Sinatra or both at the same time.

Deep Blue: Deep Blue works as a name for a blue betta fish and as a fish pun, making it perfect for any blue betta owner with a sense of humor, an appreciation for chess computers or a love of shark-based sci fi horror movies.

Turquoise: Another gemstone name, Turquoise is another good pick for a blue betta, particularly one with spots, stripes or a splash of another color in their scales. Turquoise gems are primarily blue but most gems are a mix of colors and patterns.

Red Betta Fish Names

These some suggestions for names for red betta fish.

Burgundy: Burgundy is a color between red and purple named after Burgundy wine. This makes it a great unique name for dark red or purple betta fish.

Cardinal: Cardinal is the name of a small North American songbird famous for its bright red feathers. It can also be the name of your pet red betta fish if you are looking for an unusual and interesting name.

Fireball: Fireball is a name that works on many levels for a betta fish. Their long bodies and large, waving fins certainly look like fire while their speed and aggression definitely makes them a fiery species of fish.

Ruby: If you want a name that covers how gorgeous and rare your red betta fish is consider Ruby, a precious gemstone famous for its beautiful color ranging from deep red to pink. This makes Ruby a good name for any shade of red betta fish.

Scarlet: Scarlet is not just a unique color of red but also a special form of red dye used by the kings and queens of medieval Europe. If you have a red betta fish at home, especially a crowntail, this name will really give your fish a regal feel.

Morer Ideas:

  • Auburn
  • Cerise
  • Cherry
  • Chili
  • Crimson
  • Flame
  • Fuego
  • Garnet
  • Pula
  • Rood
  • Rooi
  • Rosewood
  • Rouge
  • Rufous
  • Ula
  • Velvet
  • Venetian

Cool Betta Fish Names

These are some interesting names for cool betta fish.

Bandit: Bandit is a cool name for a pet betta fish, particularly if it is either prone to hiding or fighting with other fish just like a real bandit. So if you have a particularly shy or snappish betta fish consider this name for them.

Bolt: Between their graceful speed, bright colors and sheer aggressiveness Bolt works well as name for a betta fish. The name works especially well if you own a betta with an electric blue or yellow scale pattern.

Duke or Duchess: If your betta fish is the ruler of the tank then consider naming them Duke or Duchess, depending on if they are male or female. Giving a fish like the betta a royal title, especially if they’re a crowntail, should drive home how regal these fish are.

Jewel: Jewel really reflects the eye-catching uniqueness of the betta fish and since gemstones and jewels come in many different colors this name can apply to any color of betta fish. So consider this name if your betta fish is the crown jewel of your aquarium.

Turbo: Turbo is perfect for the fast moving, highly active and highly aggressive betta fish since it captures how energetic and fiery the little fish can be.

More ideas

  • Queen Elizabeth
  • Queen Victoria
  • Princess Pingyang
  • Alexander the Great
  • Genghis Khan
  • King Arthur
  • Damask
  • Eden
  • Sunsprite
  • Lunar
  • Moonlight

Funny Betta Fish Names

If you want a more comical name for your betta fish, consider one of these.

Alphabetta: The Alphabetta is a pun that works on many different levels, from the play on alpha and betta to sneaking the world betta into alphabet. If you love word play consider giving your betta fish this punny name.

Betta Max: If you fondly remember the days of cassette tapes then consider naming your betta fish with the pun Betta Max. Alternatively, you can just name your betta fish Max and wait to see how long it takes people to get the joke.

Flappy: Flappy is perfect for someone who appreciates the grace and agility of the betta fish while also loving ironic names. Flappy is a fun way to describe the massive fins of the betta fish and how they help it glide through the water.

Funsize: Funsize is a hysterical nickname for a betta fish given both how small their bodies are and how ironically large their fins are. This works great as a name for a small betta or ironically for a lerge betta. Not to mention it has ‘fun’ right in the name.

Jumbo: Jumbo is one of the funniest ways to say something is massive and works well as a name for betta fish. It can be played straightforward for a larger specimen or it can be used as an ironic nickname for a smaller individual.

Some more suggestions that will crack you up:

  • Alpha Betta
  • Aqua Fin-a
  • Aquaman
  • Betta Max
  • Betta Midler
  • Betta White
  • Captain Hook
  • Carrie Fisher
  • Cujo
  • Fido
  • Fin-ley
  • Floater
  • Fluffy
  • Georgia O’Reef
  • Gill-bert
  • Gilly Nelson
  • Hammerhead
  • Harley Finn
  • James Pond
  • Jaws
  • Lake Skywalker
  • Lovely Bubbly
  • M. Sea Hammer
  • Muhammad Ali
  • One True Cod
  • Rocky
  • Sushi
  • Swedish
  • Swim Shady
  • Tuna Turner

Unique Betta Fish Names

This list contains a few names you won’t find on many other fish.

Aurora: Considering how vibrant and graceful the betta fish is a name like Aurora fits them perfectly. The Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, is one of the seven Natural Wonders of the World for good reason.

Peacock: Perhaps no name fits the eye-catching betta fish quite like Peacock. Just like the tropical birds bettas are colorful, graceful and sport truly massive tails making them easy to pick out even in a crowded tank.

Scout: If you want a betta fish name that is really one of a kind then consider Scout. The name is more common among dogs but considering how fast and territorial betta fish can be the name also fits them quite well.

Sumo: Bettas are fighting fish and if you want to show that without giving them an intimidating name then consider Sumo. Sumo is a form of Japanese wrestling in which two competitors try to force each other out of a ring by grappling and slapping each other.

Ziggy: If you’re a fan of rock and roll then Ziggy would be an excellent name for the betta fish. Just like David Bowie’s famous character, the betta fish is flashy, flamboyant and vibrant making it stand out in any tank.

Badass Betta Fish Names

You can capture the fighting spirit of your betta fish with these badass names.

Hannibal: Hannibal can refer to one of two very badass sources, either the famous fictional serial killer Hannibal Lecter or the Carthaginian General Hannibal Barca who nearly beat the Rome in the Second Punic War. Either way this is a great name for an aggressive fish like the betta.

Killer: Killer is simple and straightforward but very effective, since bettas are fighting fish and designed to kill other fish. Picking this name for your betta fish drives that point home nicely.

Leviathan: The Leviathan was a mythical sea serpent found in the Bible, said to breathe fire and have invincible scales. While betta fish are not indestructible fire-breathers, they are aggressive enough to earn a name like this.

Lord Nelson was perhaps the greatest Admirals in British history with an almost perfect track record of victories on the high seas. If your betta is lord of the tank consider naming them after the man who sank Napoleon’s fleet.

Ruthless: Just like Killer, Ruthless is a name than implies aggression and brutality which makes it perfect for a fighting fish like the betta. Even if they’ll be spend most of their time in your tank just eating fish flakes and swimming around.

Greek Betta Fish Names

While they aren’t from the Aegean, Greek mythology offers a number of cool fish names.

Odysseus: Odysseus is a famous Greek hero from the epic poems the Iliad and the Odyssey, known for being a general in the Trojan War and for his ten year journey home after the war. A perfect name for a fighting fish far from its native habitat.

Poseidon: Poseidon was the Greek god of the sea, earthquakes and horses among other things and is commonly shown as a half-fish man carrying a trident. Since betta fish are often kings of the tank this name works well for them.

Amphitrite: Amphitrite was the Greek goddess of the sea and wife of Poseidon. While Poseidon represented rough seas and storms Amphitrite represented calm seas and smooth sailing. This would make Amphitrite an excellent choice for a more relaxed betta.

Triton: Triton was the son of Poseidon and Amphitrite as well as the herald of his father. Triton was shown as half-man and half-fish, using a conch shell as a trumpet to announce his father’s arrival. This makes Triton a good choice for the eyecatching betta fish.

Scylla: Scylla is a less well known monster in Greek mythology but a powerful and frightening one. Scylla was a sea monster that attacked Odysseus and his crewmates, eating six of them whole. For extra mythological points you can pair a female Scylla with a male Odysseus.

Exotic Betta Fish Names

These names are for betta fish owners who want to capture the exotic feel of their fish.

Admiral Yi: Like Lord Nelson, Admiral Yi refers to a real historical figure. Yi Sun-Shin was a Korean admiral famous for having never lost a battle, making him a national hero in the Koreas today.

Cleopatra: Cleopatra is perhaps the most famous female pharaoh of Egypt, if not the most famous pharaoh in general. Given how distinctive and graceful the betta fish is this name would fit one perfectly.

Kelpie: While Kelpie might seem like a cutesy name for a fish it has some sinister roots in Scottish folklore. In Scottland Kelpies are shapeshifting spirits who live in the water, tricking and drowning unsuspecting people. While the name might have a gruesome origin it

Mongkut: If you want to honor the Thai roots of your betta fish consider naming them Mongkut. This Thai ruler was not only a beloved figure in Thailand but also the inspiration for the classic musical “The King and I”.

Nani: Since the betta is a tropical fish you might consider the Hawaiian name Nani. Although betta fish are not from Hawaii the name means beautiful, adored and splendid in Hawaiian, all of which describe the betta fish.

Multicolor Betta Fish Names

These are some name options for multicolor betta fish:



The list of names for pet a betta fish is just as diverse and colorful as the fish themselves. A betta might be named after its color, personality or just a fish pun its owner found especially funny.

The names above can be taken as they are or used as guidelines for your own special fish name. Just remember that as long as you enjoy your pet’s name then you picked the right name for them.

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