Best Led Aquarium Lightings – Reviews & Guide

LED lights are a necessary addition to any aquarium. They help regulate the aquariums day night cycles.

LED lights also help plants to grow. Plants need light, and they are unlikely to get enough to to thrive without LED lights

Aquariums also need lighting for aesthetic purposes. You do not want to go through all the trouble to set up an aquarium, and then be unable to see the sea life inside of it. Lights will illuminate your beautiful fish and plants. It makes the colors more vibrant!

Led Aquarium Lightings Reviews

Hygger 9W Full Spectrum Aquarium Light

The Hygger 9W Full Spectrum Aquarium light has an alloy shell, and extendable brackets.

This light is programmable. You can set how long it is on each day, and it will cycle through on and off patterns. It also has a built in memory. If the power goes out this light will remember where it is in the cycle.

There are three modes: white, blue white and red, and blue and red. You can decide which mode looks best for your aquarium.

The brightness level also has five settings. You get to decide how dim or bright you want your lights.


  • 3 color modes.
  • Adjustable brightness.
  • Alloy shell.


  • Not submersible.
  • Lowest setting is not completely off.

Smiful LED Aquarium Light

The Smithfield LED Aquarium Light is a submersible glass light.

This light is submersible. You can put it underwater to illuminate the landscaping of your aquarium.

It has 5050 LED lights chip. These lights are brighter as well as long lasting.

The outside is made of acrylic glass. The glass is protected against dangerous explosions.


  • Long lasting bright lights.
  • Explosion proof glass.


  • Not all components waterproof.
  • On/off switch is difficult to access.

MingDak LED Aquarium Light

MingDak LED Aquarium Light for Fish Tanks is a submersible LED light.

This light is submersible. You can place it anywhere inside your tank for extra illumination.

It has in frame mounting. This allows you to see the light without seeing the frame, which is much more aesthetically pleasing.

This is a low voltage light. It is safe, and can be used for a very long time.


  • Low voltage.
  • Frame mount.


  • Not programmable.

S SMIFUL LED Aquarium Light

The S MIFUL LED Aquarium Light is color changing and submersible.

This aquarium light is color changing. The ability to choose the color you want, and change it, is a really fun feature. The lights can flash at different speeds. You can also choose to have the lights flash, for added fun.

It is also submersible, or you do not have to submerge it. You can place it anywhere you would like in your aquarium.

5050 LED lights chip. This adds in extra safety, and longevity to your aquarium light.


  • 5050 LED lights chip.
  • Color changing.


  • Not programmable.
  • Not adequate for growing plants.

Koval 78 LED Aquarium Light Hood

The Koval 78 LED Aquarium Light comes with a hood.

This light is part of a whole hood. The entire top of your aquarium can be enclosed, with a built in light. This also includes extendable brackets. You can make sure it will fit your specific tank size.

The LED lights are high quality. If one stops working, the others will continue working.

The shell is made out of aluminum alloy. This will help the heat generated from the light to dissipate.


  • Aluminum alloy shell.
  • Hood light.
  • Extendable brackets.
  • High quality.


  • Not submersible.
  • Not programmable.

WILLS Newest Long 165W LED Aquarium Light

WILLS Newest Long 165W LED Aquarium Light is a full spectrum light that is also dimmable. It has 165 W.

This aquarium LED light is a full spectrum light. It is healthier for your fish as well as your coral. This light is designed to penetrate the entire aquarium. It will get nutrients all the way down to the bottom of your tank.

There are 2 dimming channels. You can decide how intense you would like this light.

The cooling system is very efficient. The fans will keep this fan from overheating, and help keep it from warming your aquarium too much.


  • Full spectrum light.
  • Efficient cooling system.


  • It is not waterproof.

Current USA Orbit Marine Aquarium LED Light

Current USA Orbit Marine Aquarium LED Light is 18 to 24 inches wide and has extendable brackets.

This LED light has the full spectrum of color. This will really make the colors in your aquarium pop.

It is also in the LOOP. Which means that you can program both your lights and your pump with this system.

There are many different modes with this light. You can set it up to mimic cloud cover, storms, lightning strikes, and much more. This light is also designed to mimic the gradual increase and decrease in light that is found in nature. It will look more like sunrise and sunset with this light.


  • Can be used to control lights and pump.
  • Full spectrum of color.
  • Natural lighting effects.
  • Many color modes.


  • Shorter cables.
  • Not submersible.

MarineLand LED Aquarium Light

MarineLand LED Aquarium Light is a naturally shimmering light.

This LED light has a shimmering effect. It looks more like the ocean does underwater.

It comes with long lasting bulbs. These bulbs will last an extremely long time. It is also energy efficient. It does not use much electricity.

There are night LED’s as part of this Aquarium light. You can use the lights during the night, and still enjoy your aquarium.


  • Night LED’s.
  • Energy efficient.
  • Shimmering effect.


  • Not the best quality.
  • Does not have its own timer.

NICREW Fish Tank Clip on Light

The NICREW Fish Tank Clip on Light is a light that can easily be affixed to the side of an aquarium.

This light does not need any cutting or drilling. It is extremely easy to install. It also comes with the screws you need to install it. You do not need to go out and find the right screws.

The hood is designed to get rid of the heat. You do not need to be concerned about the light overheating, or heating up your aquarium too much.

This is a completely adjustable light. You can choose the exact angle you would like to best view your aquarium.


  • Won’t hold heat.
  • Easy to clip on.


  • Only for smaller aquariums.
  • The neck on the light is weak.

NICREW Submersible LED Aquarium Light

The NICREW LED Aquarium Light is a submersible light, and it has between 3 and 8 watts depending on the size you choose.

This light is fully submersible. You can place it anywhere you would like in your aquarium.

It has a quartz glass tube. This glass is shatter resistant, as well as very durable.

The LED lights are white and blue. These lights give the aquarium a more natural look.


  • White and blue LED lights.
  • Shatter resistant.


  • Not dimmable.
  • Not programmable.

Types of Aquarium LED Lighting

Submersible: Submersible aquarium lighting can be put inside the water of your aquarium. This is an excellent option to help plants grow. You can also just use it to illuminate the bottom of your aquarium. Or maybe there is a particular section that you want to highlight. The choice is yours!

Clip On: Clip on LED aquarium lights are very easy to install. They clip onto the outside of your aquarium. You are able to bend them or move them. It is a great way to illuminate smaller aquariums from the outside.

Hood: Hood LED lights attached to the top of the aquarium. They shine the light directly down into the water. These lights are often equipped with self programmers.

Full Spectrum: Full spectrum LED aquarium lighting provides the full color spectrum of lights. With more colors built into the light more colors of your tank will stand out. It really allows your aquarium to appear extra vibrant. The extra colors on the spectrum can also aid plant and coral growth. The extra vitamins can also help your fish thrive.

How to Select Aquarium LED Lighting

  • First decide which size of aquarium you would like. Would you like a big aquarium or a small aquarium? The type of lighting you choose does very much depend on whether you have a large or small aquarium. Some of these lights are very specific to tank size.
  • You will also want to choose a light based on the types of plants you have in your aquarium. If you have plants or corals that need a lot of light you might like a submersible light to really get the light down to them. Or you may want to choose a full spectrum LED light to make sure they get all of the light they need.
  • It is also important to decide whether or not you have the time to manually turn your aquarium on and off. If you do not have time, or will not remember, it is a good idea to choose a programmable LED light. This way your day and night cycles will be timed correctly.
  • There are also lights with more exciting features. If you want something that is extra aesthetically pleasing watch for the extra features. Many lights shimmer like the ocean, or have lots of color options. There are lights that even do special effects to mimic nature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can it be used to grow plants? Yes, most of the lights on this list are powerful enough to grow plants. Submersible lights are particularly helpful for this as they can target the lower portion of the tank.

Is it dimmable? Several of the options on this list are dimmable lights. Check the specifications to see if the one you are looking at is dimmable or not.

Will this fit my fish tank? There are options on this list for many different sizes of tanks. Several even have extendable brackets to help them fit better. Some of them will fit inside any fish tank.

Will this cause Glofish to Glow? Blacklights are the best choice for that. However, LED lights will definitely show off their vibrant colors.

Will this raise the temperature of my aquarium? All lights emit heat. LED lights are much more efficient, and much less likely to give off heat. Use a thermometer to monitor the conditions of your aquarium to make sure that it does not raise the heat too much.

How to Maintain LED Aquarium Lighting

  • Watch your lighting for any signs of corrosion. Anything that is exposed to humidity and water is susceptible to corrosion. If you see signs of corrosion take action to clean it off properly.
  • If you have submersible lights it will help if you keep your aquarium clean in general. Preventing a build up of algae or bacteria will help your light function at its best. Using a high quality filter will help keep build up off of your submersible lights.
  • Scrub the sides of your tank, and also wipe off the lighting to keep the whole thing clean. It is also helpful to add fish that will aid you in keeping your aquarium clean.
  • You should also make sure that your lights are free of cracks or scratches. Periodically check and monitor them carefully to make sure that they do not shatter. Replace covers and bulbs as needed.

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LED aquarium lighting is an excellent choice for any aquarium. There are many choices that are sure to fit your specific wants and needs.

Look through this list, and simply click the link to purchase when you find the light that you are looking for.

Do you have a favorite LED light for your aquarium? Comment below to share your opinions!

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