White Cloud Mountain Minnow – A Complete Guide (Care, Diet, Facts)

As an aquarist, one of the best ways to add more colors to your tank is with tropical fishes. This is because most of them have fascinating colors. Hence, White cloud mountain minnow is a great choice for you to try out.

Aside from the beautiful colors, White cloud mountain minnows have special attributes and characteristics that mean that you are going to have a great time caring for them. Fish specialists will tell you that this is a great choice because of how easy they are to rear even from the fry stage. read more

What Do Goldfish Eat? A Complete Guide

If you intend to start keeping goldfishes, then you have to make a detailed plan on how to feed them. Goldfish’s diet isn’t like every other species of fish. They have a wide range of diet and can eat almost all types of food.

There are a lot of feeding aspects you have to master when it comes to goldfishes. This is because healthy feeding is virtually the most important factor for their upkeep and optimum performance.

There are 2 major subspecies of Goldfish namely, Comet and Fancies. However, there are no significant differences in their dieting. read more

Rummy Nose Tetra – A Complete Guide (Care, Diet, Facts)

Rummy nose tetra is loved by almost every aquarist because of its fantastic features. It is an outstanding fish in every aquarium and as a fish lover, you will definitely have a soft spot for this fish.

However, like every other fish species out there, rummy nose tetra has special attributes and some aquarium conditions that must be met. This is to ensure that at all times, they are in their optimum state.

The Types of Rummy Nose Tetra

The general scientific name for Rummy nose tetra is Hemigrammus Rhodostomus. However, it has 2 other subspecies. The first one is known as Brilliant Rummy Nose with the scientific name Hemigrammus Bleheri, while the second one is the False Rummy Nose with the scientific name Petitella Georgiae. read more

Green Terror Cichlid – A Complete Guide (Care, Diet, Facts)

Some of the best fishes to have in your aquarium today are the Green terror cichlids. Apart from their colors that give your aquarium more aesthetics. Green terror cichlids also have very interesting attributes that make them fun to keep.

If you ask seasoned aquarists, they will tell you that Green terror cichlids are special types of fishes. Hence, you need to learn a lot about them before adding them to your aquarium.

Overview of the Green Terror Cichlid Species

Most people think green terror cichlids are only just one kind of fish and are the same everywhere in the world. This is not true. read more

Redtail Catfish – A Complete Guide (Care, Diet, Facts)

Redtail Catfish are perhaps some of the most unique aquarium fish on the market today. Beyond their iconic flat heads and whiskers they come in a wide range of colors and style, ranging from small and drab while others are massive and vibrant.

Some, like the pleco catfish, are bottom feeding algae eaters who will glide across the floor of their tank like an aquatic vacuum cleaner. Others, like the pictus are omnivores who will wolf down just about any plant or animal that they can get their mouths on. read more

1001+ Betta Fish Names – The Ultimate List

There may be no group of aquarium fish as beautiful and diverse as the betta fish, also known as the Siamese fighting fish. This unique foreign fish was originally bred for sport fighting but can now be found leading safe and peaceful lives in tanks all over the world.

Due to their gorgeous array of colors and distinctive, flowing fins the betta fish is a fascinating addition to any fish tank or aquarium. This makes them ideal as part of a display tank or decorative piece.

Betta fish, like all pet fish, can be more than just fancy home décor and can even become beloved family pets. The best way to do this is by giving your betta fish names. read more

51 Funny Fish Names – Get Ready To Chuckle

Fish can be a great addition to any home as a decoration given how colorful and unique they are. A fish tank with the right combination of species and tank décor can make a wonderful addition to any room.

Fish can be more than just a conversation piece, however, and if you want your fish to become beloved pets then a good first step is naming them. There are many different ways to name your fish based on what they are and what you want their names to mean.

Names can be cool, unique or based on the appearance or species of your fish. Others are funny names based on puns, in-jokes or pop culture references, which is what this list is made of. read more

Freshwater Angelfish – A Complete Guide (Care, Diet, Facts)

The name ‘angelfish’ is often associated with salt water aquariums, but there is a freshwater angelfish that shares this name as well. Highly regarded by aquarium enthusiasts, this fish is sometimes known as the king of the aquarium.

They develop vivid colors and bold personalities as they mature. Pterophyllum scalare, the freshwater angelfish, allows freshwater fish keepers to enjoy the flowing lines, vibrant appearance, and curious temperament which distinguish their marine namesake.

First described in 1823 by German zoologist Hinrich Lichtenstein, the freshwater angelfish is native to South America, specifically the Amazon river basin. They belong to the cichlid family (cichlidae), and technically have no relation to the marine angelfish species. Nor do they resemble other cichlids read more

Harlequin Rasbora – A Complete Guide (Care, Diet, Facts)

What characteristics make a good beginner fish? Ease of care would rank towards the top. Bright colors and a distinct appearance also matter. Good health is important as well, along with affordability and a demeanor that is tolerant of other fish in a tank.

For freshwater fish keepers, the Harlequin Rasbora (Trigonostigma heteromorpha) may be just the species to acquire and add to their tank. Also known as the Red Rasbora, this peaceful, schooling fish is an easy pet to maintain. At $2-4 at most pet or fish stores, they make a terrific starter fish, or an easy addition to a tank with an already established population. read more

Best Turtle Tanks – Review & Guide

Turtles are a wholesome, entertaining pet. They can be as loyal as a dog, playful like a cat, and as mesmerizing as a saltwater fish. Turtles live both on land and in water. They can spend up to 75% of their time in the water, and are very strong swimmers.

Once you have a great tank set up, turtles are a low-maintenance pet. Setting up a safe, healthy tank is stressful, especially when you are new to the hobby. New turtle owners often don’t know what their new pet needs. They worry that they’ll do something wrong to hurt their turtle. read more