Nerite Snails – A Complete Guide (Care, Diet, Facts)

Nerite snails are simple, often beautiful addition for virtually any freshwater aquarium. These snails are known for their simplicity to take care of, as well as their vibrant colors and patterns. As a bonus, Nerite snails even clean algae and grime from the tank!

Nerites are from the crowded Neritidae family, along with over 200 other species. Some originate in bodies of saltwater, such as oceans, and others hail from freshwater areas, such as rivers and streams. As a result, Nerite snails come in both saltwater and freshwater varieties. read more

Red Arowana – A Complete Guide (Care, Diet, Facts)

The Red Arowana is a big and beautiful fish.   One of the world’s most expensive aquarium fish.  It may prove to be a great challenge in your fishkeeping experience, as finding a suitable tank could be an issue. The fish could grow to be three feet.

The Red Arowana is thought to resemble the Chinese Dragon, which brings good luck. It is believed that if the owner treats it well, the Arowana will protect its owner.

Thus, the Red Arowana is also named the dragonfish. It might Also be called the Super Red, The Blood Red, or the Chili Red Arowana. read more

15 Popular Saltwater Fish for Beginners

Some of the most beautiful aquariums are those that contain fish from the sea.  It has been said that keeping saltwater fish is a bit more difficult than freshwater fish; that is not really the case.

Maintaining a saltwater aquarium has gotten easier in recent years. Saltwater fish are more sensitive, whereas freshwater fish are hardy.   Just like freshwater, maintenance is the key to any fishkeeping situation.

Keeping a saltwater tank could present somewhat of a challenge; you don’t want to get fish that are hard to maintain, but you don’t want fish that are uninteresting. There are interesting and colorful species of fish that are easily cared for. Just like freshwater, maintenance is the key to any fishkeeping situation. read more

Best Pond Sludge Remover – Review & Guide

If you have a pond then pond scum is going to happen. This can happen for a variety of reasons. Even warm weather can help pond sludge develop. It starts at the bottom of your pond. When it has time to grow and develop it oxygenizes, and floats to the top.

This top floating layer of pond sludge is definitely not what you want when you have a beautiful pond. It turns something aesthetically pleasing into a terrible eye sore.

There are several things that contribute to pond sludge. Overfeeding, warm weather, animal waste, and debris all contribute to pond sludge. Fortunately, there are some great products available to help you keep your pond looking great. Read on to find out ways to remove sludge from your beautiful pond. read more

Fish Lifespan – How Long Do Fish Live?

Buying or adopting a pet is nearly the same thing as entering a long-term relationship. Every pet owner anticipates year after year of companionship, appreciation, and caretaking. Fish keepers are no different than the owners of cats and dogs in this regard. Whether peering through the glass at a pet store, or browsing the internet and looking at photos of different aquatic species, we all imagine the daily routine of feeding and tank care. These tasks allow us to appreciate each day we have with our pets. read more

Best Aquarium Air stones – Review & Guide

Air stones help create a healthy environment for your by aquarium by oxygenating your aquarium.  They also help help improve water circulation within your tank.

Whether you are a beginning or an expert in fish keeping you will find the need to own an air stone in your aquarium. Fish need air stones as a form of oxygen to survive in an aquarium. Though, there are many different types of air stones that are currently available on the market. It may be hard to decide which air stone would be the perfect one for your aquarium. read more

Best Led Lighting For Planted Aquarium – Review & Guide

Planted aquariums are fun to create and grow. However, it can be overwhelming to figure out what all you need. One of the most important things is the right LED light for your planted aquarium.

The right lighting is essential to growing aquatic plants just like how normal plants need the right light to grow. There is even different lighting for freshwater and saltwater plants.

Everything from the brightness to the color of the light can have a strong effect on plant growth. Not to mention you need to think about the size of your aquarium. read more

Best Betta Fish Tank – Review & Guide

Betta fish can be a fun and interesting pet that can add beauty to any home. You may want to try raising one of these unique fish in your home.

As a fish owner, I know it can be overwhelming to know where to start. One of the most important products to get is your tank. We want to help you choose the best tank to suit your needs and tastes.

When looking for a good tank you need to think about size, shape, lighting, and accompanying features. Here is a list of various tank options to start your search. read more

Best Aquarium Decorations – Review & Guide

You’ve chosen the aquarium, and you know the type of fish you’ll be buying. Before you bring your fin-friends home, you’ll want to choose the right decorations for your tank. It’s time to create the world where your pets will grow and play and thrive.

From the substrate to floating plants, you are in control. But where should you start? There are many different decorative styles to choose from. If only you knew which decorations are the best for your aquarium.

You’ll of course choose items that are suitable for your fish. You won’t want to add anything that is wrong for your pet. It’s also good to remember that your aquarium is a very large piece of furniture in your own home. It should make you feel at home and comfortable, too. read more

Best 55-Gallon Tank – Review & Guide

Maybe its time to move up to a larger tank.  Perhaps you are just getting started and are exploring your options.  Either way, an aquarium in the 55-gallon range provides a host of options.

This is an ideal tank size for just about any kind of habitat you are trying to replicate.  55-gallon tanks can support saltwater, freshwater, plants, breeding, and much more.

Tanks smaller than 55-gallons may only support one school.  Once you get into this range of tank size, though, you can begin to look at supporting multiple small schools of fish. read more