Hornwort – A Complete Guide

Introducing plants into your aquarium is a great thing for so many different reasons. From oxygenating the water to providing a visual appeal to the tank, aquarium plants have so many different benefits.

Specifically, the Hornwort is a plant that is widely popular among fish tank owners. Among both beginning and experienced fish tank owners, the hornwort could be a great addition to any freshwater tank. It is perfect for beginners because it is very easy to grow and it is resistant to different water conditions. read more

Rainbow Shark – A Complete Guide (Care, Diet, Facts)

If you are looking for an excellent freshwater fish that will liven up your tank, the rainbow shark could be for you.

The rainbow shark is stunning, yet territorial. So, this fish is going to have a lot of personality, and they are excellent for freshwater tanks if taken care of properly.

If you are interested in learning more about the nature of this fish, keep reading to find our full guide below.

About the Rainbow Shark

The rainbow shark, or epalzeorhynchos frenatum, is a member of the Cyprinidae family. They originate from the waters of Southeast Asia, specifically in Thai rivers. This fish is known as multiple different names including the ruby shark, the red-fin shark, and the rainbow shark minnow. read more

Pictus Catfish – A Complete Guide (Care, Diet, Facts)

If you are on the hunt for a great freshwater fish for your tank, the Pictus Catfish should not be overlooked. They are one of the most popular freshwater fish among aquarium hobbyists.

They have one of a kind, energetic personalities that make them a joy to have in your tank. Also, their bright and vibrant coloration makes for excellent contrast against other fish and plants.

If the Pictus Catfish has spiked your interest, keep reading to find our full guide down below.

About the Pictus Catfish

The Pictus Catfish, scientifically known as Pimelodus pictus, is one of the smallest members of the catfish family Pimelodidae. This fish originates from Amazon and Orinoco river basins in South America. They have a lifespan of around 8-10 years if taken care of properly. read more

10 Gorgeous Types Of Oscar Fish

If you are really looking for a fish with a fascinating appearance to help glow up your aquarium, check up on varieties of Oscar fishes. They all have bright colors and suit this purpose.

Oscar fish has one of the widest varieties of fishes out there, and the amazing thing is that they are all beautiful fishes. Aside from this fact, they are also very fun to keep. The experienced aquarists will tell you that they are one of the most intelligent fishes out there.

Also, they are not stressful to keep. They are easy-going especially when they are kept with fishes of the same kind. read more

Cichlid Tank – How To Setup The Perfect Tank

Once you have made the initial decision of raising a Cichlid in your tank. It’s important to understand the perimeters that are required in order to maintain a healthy Cichlid.

Cichlid’s are a beloved fish that has gained its popularity due to their beauty and behaviors. Although, they are given a title of “temperament issues,” placing them in the category of fish that are hard to raise.

Even though this can be completely bypassed if the tank is set-up correctly. Providing a suitable tank will vanish the Cichlid’s stress and calm them to be the loving spunky fish they should be known for. read more

Sparkling Gourami – A Complete Guide (Care, Diet, Facts)

If you are trying to stand out by using fish that are rarely found in home aquariums? Sparkling Gourami are a great option; that not only do they create a one in a million tank, but they add vibrancy.

Sparkling Gourami are often added to tanks due to their coloring, personality, their temperament, and the fact that they are uncommon. Sparkling Gourami have more peaceful temperaments that means they do will within a community tank.

Sparkling Gourami are fish that require low maintenance which means they are the perfect fit for any inexperienced hobbyist. Being a low demand and easy fish adds appeal to hobbyists who have limited amount of time to tend to fish. Or already have their hands full tending to a fish within the community tank. read more

Blood Parrot Cichlids – A Complete Guide (Care, Diet, Facts)

It’s very common to find a breed of Cichlids inside many hobbyist tanks. As there are so many exquisite breeds within the species of fish. Although few Cichlids can compare to the Blood Parrot Cichlid.

These fish are very durable when it comes to tank mates. They don’t mind whether they are alone, have mates of the same species, or are inside of a community tank. Although, these aren’t fish that are for beginners.

Due to being a medium-sized fish with a bit of a temperament problem if not handled correctly it’s best someone with some knowledge raises these fish. Although, it’s worth any extra work to have beauties like these in your tank. read more

Betta Fish – A Complete Guide (Care, Diet, Facts)

Keeping fish may not seem like much, but it is a rewarding hobby. Fish make good pets because they need less care and are fun and interesting to look at.

Betta fish are small, brightly colored fish. They are one of the most popular fish to keep as pets, but they can get sick easily if not taken care of.

Even though Bettas are popular, they need a lot of care. It’s important to learn everything you need to know before you purchase a betta so you can keep it healthy and happy. If you’re considering keeping a betta, this guide will tell you everything you need to know. read more

Discus Fish – A Complete Guide (Care, Diet, Facts)

Fish make excellent pets, but they require more research and care than some might realize. It’s crucial to understand how to take care of a fish before you purchase one.

Discus fish one of the most popular aquarium fish, and for good reason. They are large, colorful fish that make great additions to any tank, but they need to be kept in very specific conditions to prevent any illnesses.

Discus are known for requiring a lot of care. Use this guide to learn how to take the best care of your discus if you’re considering purchasing them or already keep discus. read more

Jack Dempsey Fish – A Complete Guide (Care, Diet, Facts)

Many people don’t think fish are exciting pets to keep, but they make excellent pets. Keeping fish is a rewarding hobby, and fish need less care than other types of pets. Fish are beautiful additions to any room.

Jack Dempsey fish are a popular kind of tropical freshwater fish. They are colorful and active, but they can also be territorial and aggressive.

Beginners can successfully keep Jack Dempsey fish, but there is a lot of important information to know before adding them to your aquarium. If you’re interested in keeping a Jack Dempsey, follow this guide so you can take good care of your new fish. read more