Fish Tank

What Do You Need For A Fish Tank? (Complete) Checklist

If you’ve ever thought about keeping fish, then you’ve probably asked yourself: what does it take to put an aquarium together? You might have wondered where to start or how to go about choosing the right equipment. Maybe you’ve even thought about the maintenance and how to keep it in good condition. If you’ve ever thought about any of this, then you’ve come to the right place. We did some research and came up with a list of everything you need to get your fish tank going and keep it running. read more

Best Betta Fish Tank – Review & Guide

Betta fish can be a fun and interesting pet that can add beauty to any home. You may want to try raising one of these unique fish in your home.

As a fish owner, I know it can be overwhelming to know where to start. One of the most important products to get is your tank. We want to help you choose the best tank to suit your needs and tastes.

When looking for a good tank you need to think about size, shape, lighting, and accompanying features. Here is a list of various tank options to start your search. read more

Best 55-Gallon Tank – Review & Guide

Maybe its time to move up to a larger tank.  Perhaps you are just getting started and are exploring your options.  Either way, an aquarium in the 55-gallon range provides a host of options.

This is an ideal tank size for just about any kind of habitat you are trying to replicate.  55-gallon tanks can support saltwater, freshwater, plants, breeding, and much more.

Tanks smaller than 55-gallons may only support one school.  Once you get into this range of tank size, though, you can begin to look at supporting multiple small schools of fish. read more

Best Beginner Fish Tanks – Review & Guide

If you ever been to an aquarium or a zoo you may have experienced the calmness a fish tanks bring when at its present. This may lead you to the thought of having a fish tank. Honestly, it’s one of the most amazing things to have at home, either for decoration on meditation if you like to see beautiful these creatures from under the sea in your kitchen, office or living room than I would suggest getting a fish tank.

If this is your first time looking around for a fish tank, I can understand how it can easily be overwhelming and frustrating to choose the perfect fish tank, especially for a beginner. Having a fish tank is not easy work so it is important that you have the best fish tank to reduce the work you have to deal with. This is a very important step before thinking about putting any fish in a glass container. read more

Best 15 Gallon Aquarium – Review & Guide

If you or someone in your family is thinking of keeping fish as pets, take some time to plan before you buy. The type of aquarium you buy will be of great importance to your fish. It’s also important to choose an aquarium that’s right for your home.

A 15-gallon aquarium is a good size to start with. Smaller aquariums can be more difficult to care for. Not only will there be less size for your fish in a smaller tank, but toxins can build in the water more rapidly in a smaller aquarium.

There are things to take into account when looking for an aquarium. How many fish will you have? How big will the fish get? Will you get a glass or acrylic tank? These are important questions to answer before you buy. read more

Best 40 Gallon Aquarium – Review & Guide

If you are a fish owner or an aspiring fish owner, then you may be in need of a new tank. Forty gallons is a great size for your next fish tank.

There is plenty you can do with a forty gallon aquarium. You have the option to breed, aquascape and keep a variety of different kinds of fish. Whatever your plans may be for your next tank, it is important to choose the right tank.

A high quality tank is important to any fish keeper. It is the place where your fish will spend their lives. You certainly want them to have a comfortable place to call their home. A higher quality aquarium will also be more enjoyable for you as well. read more

Best 20 Gallon Aquarium – Review & Guide

Are you thinking about getting a fish or reptile? This first thing you need to look for is an aquarium. The aquarium is their home, and the base for everything else your aquatic animals need.

To keep happy and healthy fish and reptiles, you need a filter, heater, decorations, and more. The size and shape of each of these things will be determined by the aquarium you use.

Your aquarium will come as a kit or on its own. If you are new at this, the kit may be a great idea. If you want more control, look at stand-alone tanks. read more

Paludarium – A Complete Guide (Tank, Plants, Care & More..)

A paludarium is a great addition to any home. Unlike an aquarium, a paludarium blends the best of water and land to create a true ecosystem where diverse plants and animals can live together in one space.

You can keep many types of plants and animals in one area. Things like freshwater fish, shrimp, and a variety of different plants.

Once all the right pieces in place, a paludarium is very easy to maintain. The ecosystem that is built will maintain itself. Seeing nature in action is where true beauty lies. The paludarium allows you to catch a glimpse into the beauty of nature. read more

Best 10 Gallon Fish Tanks – Reviews & Guide

Fish tanks are a lot of fun. 10 gallon aquariums are an excellent size for a fish tank.

They are big enough to have a few fish, but not so big that they take up a lot of space.

There are many different 10 gallon fish tanks to choose from. When searching you are going to want to keep in mind the needs of the specific fish and plants that you are planning to put inside it.

There are acrylic tanks that do not break as easily. There are glass tanks that are less prone to bending. Do you want it to include necessary accessories like a heater, lights, and a filter? Read on for help choosing the best 10 gallon fish tank for you. read more

Best Goldfish Tanks – Reviews & Guide

If you want to have a pet goldfish, one of the first things you are going to need is a tank to keep them in.

You are going to want to be sure to keep in mind what kind of goldfish you want to get. Some goldfish need larger tanks than others.

Also, some tanks come with extra features. They include filters, heaters, lights, and much more. Goldfish will be much more comfortable at warmer temperatures. If the water is too cold it can kill your fish!

A filter will also help you keep the tank clean. It will make it so you do not have to change the water as frequently. Filters also force water movement into the tank. This oxygenates the water. Which is also very good for your fish. read more