Aquarium Accessories

Best Filter For Betta – Review & Guide

Betta fish tanks are designed to hold aquatic lifeforms. As a result, they require filters to keep the water clean and safe. Otherwise, the water will become a hazard to the health of the Betta fish.

It’s essential to pick a filter that will perform as many duties as possible. The least amount of work you’ll have to put in, the more effective the filter will be for your Betta fish.

These filters will ensure that your tank water stays clean. It’ll also eliminate unnecessary materials in the water, such as excess food and fish waste. This will ultimately help your fish breathe and live easily. read more

Best Aquarium Air stones – Review & Guide

Air stones help create a healthy environment for your by aquarium by oxygenating your aquarium.  They also help help improve water circulation within your tank.

Whether you are a beginning or an expert in fish keeping you will find the need to own an air stone in your aquarium. Fish need air stones as a form of oxygen to survive in an aquarium. Though, there are many different types of air stones that are currently available on the market. It may be hard to decide which air stone would be the perfect one for your aquarium. read more

Best Led Lighting For Planted Aquarium – Review & Guide

Planted aquariums are fun to create and grow. However, it can be overwhelming to figure out what all you need. One of the most important things is the right LED light for your planted aquarium.

The right lighting is essential to growing aquatic plants just like how normal plants need the right light to grow. There is even different lighting for freshwater and saltwater plants.

Everything from the brightness to the color of the light can have a strong effect on plant growth. Not to mention you need to think about the size of your aquarium. read more

Best Aquarium Decorations – Review & Guide

You’ve chosen the aquarium, and you know the type of fish you’ll be buying. Before you bring your fin-friends home, you’ll want to choose the right decorations for your tank. It’s time to create the world where your pets will grow and play and thrive.

From the substrate to floating plants, you are in control. But where should you start? There are many different decorative styles to choose from. If only you knew which decorations are the best for your aquarium.

You’ll of course choose items that are suitable for your fish. You won’t want to add anything that is wrong for your pet. It’s also good to remember that your aquarium is a very large piece of furniture in your own home. It should make you feel at home and comfortable, too. read more

Best UV Sterilizers For Aquarium – Review & Guide

It is essential to keep your aquarium clean for the overall health of your fish. The absence of a sound filter system can lead to the spread of disease and algae.

A UV sterilizer for an aquarium is a water filtration device designed to exterminate any harmful organism roaming in the water. With a UV light bulb, it exposes bacterias to ultraviolet light, killing them.

Before acquiring a UV sterilizer, you should, first of all, know if your aquarium operates with saltwater or freshwater. Then any device you get should be compatible with any water your aquarium runs on. read more

Best Aquarium Test Kit – Review & Guide

It is impossible to tell the quality of your aquarium’s water just by looking at it.  The only way to know if the quality is good or bad is to use water testing kits.

Many aquarium hobbyist companies produce and sell water analysis tests.  These tests are often sold individually, or as a “master” kit for convenience and to save money.

Using a water test kit weekly is important to keeping a healthy fish tank.  These test kits help you to track toxin levels and other water parameters. read more

Best Pond Aerator – Review & Guide

Want to ensure the fish and plants in your pond are healthy and getting enough oxygen? A pond aerator is the best way to do that.

By putting an aerator in your pond, you will be providing everything with more oxygen. This will allow easier growth, especially at night, when the organisms in your pond cannot convert sunlight into energy.

While looking for a pond aerator, you need to take the size of the pond, along with the depth of it into consideration. Different sizes, powered, and durable models are available for use. read more

Best Wave Makers for Aquarium-Review & Guide

Buying an aquarium comes with much more than the tank. Additions like wavemakers are beneficial to fish and create a more natural environment.

Using a wave maker means water gets circulated to help everything in your tank get oxygen. It also helps anything that can’t move in your tank, from invertebrates to living décor, get nutrients.

Aquariums can also accumulate waste in hard to reach areas, especially in large tanks. Circulation from a wavemaker stops this from occurring.

There are many options to look for when buying a wavemaker. From smooth to rough waves, if it has day and night options, feeding modes, and wave cycles you have many choices. read more

How to Clean a Fish Tank – A Complete Guide (EASY)

Keeping your fish tank clean is one of the most important parts of caring for fish. You need to know how to do it properly before you purchase your pet.

The cleanliness of your tank and water affect how healthy your fish can be. Dirty tanks can lead to sick fish, so regular maintenance is essential. However, cleaning your tank incorrectly can also cause problems for your fish.

Use this article as a comprehensive guide on cleaning your fish tank. Refer back to it if you have any questions about tank maintenance and for answers to common questions. read more

Best Aquarium Plant Fertilizer – Review & Guide

Aquarium plant fertilizer are essential for if you have live plants, as it will encourage plant growth and keep your tank healthy, it might even help your fish too. Just be careful you select a fertilizer that is right for what you have in your tank.

Choosing the right plant fertilizer for your aquarium is absolutely important because you want to make sure that all of your aquatic life can co mingle with the fertilizer. Make sure you are not using anything that can harm the fish in your tank. read more